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  1. BigG11911

    Test/deca log

    What’s up fellas, been a minute since I’ve been on, just been grinding and cruising at 200mg a week of test cyp Just started an 16 week cycle if you wana call it that nothing crazy just gona run 500 test cyp and 300 deca for 16 then plan on doin 4 weeks of just test cyp then do 500 test cyp per...
  2. BigG11911

    How big of a difference do steroids make in bodybuilding?

    I’ve seen these guys on other forums 👎🏼 And they get tore apart on every post, just a heads up
  3. BigG11911

    Tell me about Deca please

    Holy shit dude lol, definitely following, I’ve yet to take it over 400 test 300 deca and was very satisfied with the results, couldn’t imagine the growth at double that I tried NPP and had horrible sides, super short temper, paranoid etc. added deca and tapered off NPP and all was good...
  4. BigG11911

    Big G’s (Show Me Muscle) Log

    I couldn’t agree more man it’s really sad, and it’s even infected bodybuilding at all levels, you gotta have more content and more followers to get any heads to turn instead of being a fucking animal in the gym, putting in the work and having the results to show for it, I listen to a podcast...
  5. BigG11911

    Big G’s (Show Me Muscle) Log

    Much appreciated thank you very much,
  6. BigG11911

    Big G’s (Show Me Muscle) Log

    Much appreciated man, this seems like a pretty good group of meat heads, I’ll do what I can to keep this log up to date as much as possible, specially from cycle to cycle Also I’ve been really trying to focus my instagram and whole bodybuilding career to show these kids you don’t need to...
  7. BigG11911

    Big G’s (Show Me Muscle) Log

    So as of today 7/26/2022 I’m at 210 pounds and 4 weeks out of surgery, definitely have gotten my strength back but my core is still week and stomach is still bloated from the surgery Right now I’m on a maintenance intake of 2700 calories a day 312 grams of protien 215 grams of carbs 65 grams...
  8. BigG11911

    Big G’s (Show Me Muscle) Log

    What’s up guys, new to the forum but been in the game for a while and was suggested I start a log so, I’ll give a brief background of where I started, little history and where I’m at now As I stated in my newb intro I love been in the gym my whole life, had a stepdad who was a boxing coach and...
  9. BigG11911


    That’s awesome man I’m glad to hear you’re back on your grind, I did as much as I could up to the day of surgery, it’s pretty crazy the amount of strength and stabilization you loose having your gut sliced open I’m back to my normal weight on everything and feeling great other than my abdomen...
  10. BigG11911

    Blast advise??

    I’ve ran deca multiple times with no problems, depends completely on the person, IMO deca one of my favorites
  11. BigG11911

    The most important thing I've learned

    Agree 1,000 percent, This tik tok and insta influencer trend of kids blasting astronomical amounts of gear is getting out of hand , most are still in their prime as it is and have no regards for their health nor are the looking out 10 or 15 years ahead Dialed in diet, good routine, good sleep...
  12. BigG11911


    What’s up guys, gals and others Been lurking for a min, been in the gym since I was a kid, did combat sports and boxed from 7 to 16 then got in to lifting weights then found out what bodybuilding was and fell in love and been in and out ever since Been consistent 6 to 7 days a week for the...