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  1. f4milytime

    Mike O'Hearn is a TRUE ANOMALLY

    What if he is actually completely natural. That be sumptin. Jus sayin
  2. f4milytime

    DEMI LOVATO || Spoiled & Crying Over Ice Cream

    Real world problems !!
  3. f4milytime

    OTC Supps storage

    Head to the fishing section at Walmart ;)
  4. f4milytime

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    I'd try more reps & weight.
  5. f4milytime

    Natural Blood Thinning Food/Supplements

    Very useful info, thank you
  6. f4milytime

    Phil Heath WINS Olympia 2017

    I hope to attend an Olympia someday. Sent from my phone
  7. f4milytime

    They blame Trump for the WHITE backlash ??

    My point is.....It ain't as bad as some places on the mainland. Never said Hawaii was perfect. Sent from my phone
  8. f4milytime

    They blame Trump for the WHITE backlash ??

    Means foreigner Sent from my phone
  9. f4milytime

    They blame Trump for the WHITE backlash ??

    I lucky i grew up in Hawaii. Racism doesn't really run rampant here. I mean we got it, but it's not like on the mainland. Racism is truly a sad thing. Sent from my phone
  10. f4milytime

    Money Gram

    I truly believe it's at the clerks discretion, to bust your balls or not. But hey, I'm just another meathead with an opinion. Sent from my phone
  11. f4milytime

    I got robbed, super bummed

    Try looking at it this way. It took whatever you gave him, to get rid of him. So he won't be bugging you anytime soon. Sent from my phone
  12. f4milytime

    Holy shit.... So this just happened!

    Sounds like he really spazzed the heck out. LOL.... Sent from my phone
  13. f4milytime

    Sumner really is balling

    LOL... Sent from my phone
  14. f4milytime

    WU trouble

    I honestly think it's at the tellers discretion, to bust your balls or not. Sent from my phone
  15. f4milytime

    Mental Steroids

    100mg of caffeine helps me get going. Sent from my phone
  16. f4milytime

    spinal injuries and back training

    Take it nice and easy, you'll get back there. I'm sure it's nothing you don't already know. Best of luck to ya ☺ Sent from my phone
  17. f4milytime

    'Pharma Bro' Shkreli trial verdict: Guilty on 3 counts of 8

    Greed it's a bitch !!! Sent from my phone
  18. f4milytime

    spinal injuries and back training

    Back injuries freaking hurt man. Tweaked my L2 in my early 20s. Did the phys therapy & pain management and all that good stuff. Bothers me every once and awhile, till this day. Sent from my phone
  19. f4milytime

    I'm married and I'm talking to another woman way too much

    What's good for the geese, is good for the gander.... Or is it ?? Sent from my phone
  20. f4milytime

    COUGH COUGH .....hit a vein pinning... FUK!!!

    I've had the blood squirts, but don't remember ever having the dreaded cough. Maybe just lucky though. Sent from my phone