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  1. afg88

    What's one compound you'll never touch and why?

    100mg and than second cycle 150mg never over 300mg no need shit is strong fat melts with keto diet never run it more than 14 days straight
  2. afg88

    Anyone use EA DNP?

    It's g2g I have ran it and have clients running it also don't up the dose becuase u don't feel it takes time to kick in be patient expect water rention but it will drop after 4-7 days last dose no need to go over 350mg
  3. afg88

    What's one compound you'll never touch and why?

    Insulin Why everyone hating on DNP love that stuff
  4. afg88

    Telling doctor you are taking a cycle. Yes or no?

    That is awesome brother!
  5. afg88

    Coached By DarkBeast Log - PUSH

    looking sick bro !
  6. afg88

    Looking for a solid source

    Psl boom!
  7. afg88

    Telling doctor you are taking a cycle. Yes or no?

    i think its always best to tell your family doctor i mean god forbid something comes up in the long run saying you blast non stop for years not your average bro that cycles here and there for summer but its always best for family doctor to go back on something and see maybe this is what cause...
  8. afg88

    ECA or T3 + clen, which one is the better?

    clen diet cardio
  9. afg88

    Got some in the vein 😒😒

    it happens you will be fine brother ive noticed keeping the body cool helps a lot
  10. afg88

    Lifetime fitness feel not like a real gym to you?

    and is pricy as fuck at least here in canada about 150$ a month
  11. afg88

    Protein shake questions

    totally agree with you i dont know where people get this crazy ass numbers from being 185lb but consuming 300g protein wtf
  12. afg88

    Some Decent Cheats

    5 guys, dairy queen, chips, im just fucking fat
  13. afg88

    As promised...

    Awesome couldn't be happier smooth no break outs levels are awesome for the amount im running
  14. afg88

    As promised...

    Vision send them goodies my way as promised
  15. afg88

    any point in even coming off this time around or wait?

    i cycle maybe one time a year or so always come off and pct
  16. afg88


    he said its prior to going on trt im sure his levels are higher running 300mg
  17. afg88

    Blood work psl gear

    Thanks brother not to worry about that i mea there are tons of people with the same bday not doing anything illegeal here and im in Canada family doctor is awesome of course doesnt want to see those high numbers but i got for blood at least 3x during cycle to make sure all is good.
  18. afg88

    Psl bloodwork

    400mg test e 400mg tren e - - - Updated - - - 400mg test e 400mg tren e. I pin Mon & Thu morning pinned it Thu 7am got blood drawn at 10am