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  1. crawfbigg

    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    I paid $3.99 last fill-up for 87 octane, not bad in comparison
  2. crawfbigg

    Recovery log after surgery

    Hey Macedog, hope you get all healed up asap. I've not been on the boards much, what led to this.. a sudden injury or just tired of dealing with it and decided to get it fixed?
  3. crawfbigg

    Past my Prime? Journal

    Nearly a year and a half since I have posted.. whazzup fellas?!?! I have barely trained over the last year and my body is showing as much. BUT I have been trying to get back in there of late, my damn lower back keep tweaking on me, SOB, pisses me off. Hopefully it will get used to training again...
  4. crawfbigg

    Wellbutrin for Adrenal Fatigue

    My doc has me using 225mg of Effexor and 300mg Wellbutrin daily and really it does nothing for me in terms of fatigue. I am still tired a lot and can nod off almost any time of day if I sit still too long... :coffee:, I drink tons of coffee too. My adrenals must be totally fried.
  5. crawfbigg

    YK11 Results, Experience?

    Has anyone given YK11 a legitimate run to see if it is beneficial? And if so, what did you experience, what were the results, sides, etc.?
  6. crawfbigg

    Puretropin log - Just got my kits in! Can't wait

    Good advice coming in on this thread. This kind of stuff is what the forum is for. And I agree with diet is the key. Proper diet, macros, calories, tracking, is much more powerful than any drug. Don't get me wrong I love some gear, but I know if I really want to see good results out of a cycle...
  7. crawfbigg

    99% pure HGH..

    So what are dimers?
  8. crawfbigg

    Quenching your thirst

    Just bought some of this, trying for first time today, dragonfruit
  9. crawfbigg

    What's in your shaker

    I do exactly what n2l said ^^^
  10. crawfbigg

    Why did people frown upon half inch injections?

    How long will you run 3 grams? Do you take time totally off or cruise?
  11. crawfbigg

    You guys know what these pills are?

    Good to know I'm not the only one that likes to recreationally use things... :roflmao:! Anyway I took two this morning and it is def ritalin. Heart rate up, leg shaking at desk, energy high and crushing my work! I'll try to snort a couple tomorrow and see how that goes and report back. I should...
  12. crawfbigg

    You guys know what these pills are?

    Guys thanks so much for all the info and suggestions. I did some scouring on the Internet myself and the closest thing I found was that it resembles some foreign version of the adhd drug methylphenidate (ritalin). I just wanted to see if you guys had some other opinions and information. It seems...
  13. crawfbigg

    You guys know what these pills are?

    No, I didn't order anything from anyone, I'm just looking for help. - - - Updated - - - For real? You have seen these?
  14. crawfbigg

    You guys know what these pills are?

    Maybe the A|B stands for A-Bombs.... :stupid:
  15. crawfbigg

    You guys know what these pills are?

    These pills showed up to my address from over the pond:hmm:, I didn't order anything, just wondering if anyone knows what they are..... :thinking: Hopefully the picture posts and stays up... the last several months before I quit being on here much, posting pics was a debacle on ASF. Can someone...
  16. crawfbigg

    Dallas Cowboys

    So you guys think they are still "America's Team"? Man I loved the Cowboys when I was a kid. I remember Pat Summerall and John Madden would announce their games a lot. Epic. Back then the Cowboys were the 4 o'clock game almost every damn week, lol... I watched them for years, Roger Staubach...
  17. crawfbigg

    Labs on 250mg test cyp per week

    Sounds right, got about the same result myself, had labs 8 days after last pin, had been doing 250mg cyp every 10 days or so. Came back just over 1500. I was very pleased with those results. You're using good gear, period.
  18. crawfbigg

    Past my Prime? Journal

    Couple speed days since last post... nothing miraculous to speak of... things are going well, feeling strong for me, will post workouts after my next two heavy days, one of which is tomorrow. Have a great weekend fellars!
  19. crawfbigg

    gh0stface training log

    Nice split... I like that. Recovery pretty good going 6 days a week?
  20. crawfbigg

    Past my Prime? Journal

    Missed Friday, got back in today. Pinned 100 Test P, 50 Test C, 50 Tren A, 50 Eq, 1 Super DMZ 3.0 pre workout, 2iu GH this morning, and 25mg Aromasin. Shoulder Prehab work - 6 sets Close Grips - bar x 12, 95 x 10, 135 x 8, 175 x 5, 205 x 5, 225 x 3, 245 x 1, 265 x 1, 275 x 1... PR for me! BB...