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  1. JMB1911

    Gear church ….outstanding

    I was a GP customer for years. have recently done a few orders with gear church. I wish I had been using these guys a long time ago. quality stuff. one of my orders had an issue. Was not the fault of church or mine. Church took care of it when he didn’t have to. classy stand up guy!
  2. JMB1911

    Are you kidding me?

    Just got my first TD from GC. Can a source really be this good to work with? Can payment and comms be this easy? Can it really show up this fast? Can it really be packaged this well? Haven’t pinned yet but I’ll be darned if I’m not super impressed out the gate. I wish I would have...
  3. JMB1911

    Gearchurch Order Process-Please Read

    Sorry guys I was joking I though my sarcasm would translate through!
  4. JMB1911

    Happy new year

    Happy new year. Just placed my first order with GC gonna make this a great year.
  5. JMB1911

    Gearchurch Order Process-Please Read

    I just emailed a few minutes ago for a list and I haven’t heard back? Should I send a follow up email? (I keed, I keed) looking forward to trying GC out!
  6. JMB1911

    Antibiotics without a prescription?

    safe generic pharmacy has always been good to me and others I know
  7. JMB1911

    Juice pal

    since GP left I am looking for a new source....been thinking about JP
  8. JMB1911

    Problem with gorilla.

    I just got an order from GP recently. There was a mix up and I was shorted some of the order. I RESPECTFULLY emailed them about what happened and the missing items were sent out very quickly. I understand that mistakes can happen and it was fixed.
  9. JMB1911

    Metformin source?

    Anyone know if some good ones? thanks
  10. JMB1911

    How long does Anavar stay in system for drug test?

    I know a gal who wants to compete an a “natty” show but she has run some anavar once in the past. does anyone know how long that will stay in system and test positive if the comp she goes to tests her?
  11. JMB1911

    225 mg

    I find it odd you asking these questions and talking about pinning mast as well. seems like you don’t know what you’re doing just yet...
  12. JMB1911

    The Rona virus and tren

    I know we ain’t doctors and we don’t know a lot about Covid ... but it seems that with Covid having the potential to cause breathing difficulties... and tren can cause “shortness of breath” ... seems like tren and the Rona might not be good. I have no idea if the mechanism that causes tren...
  13. JMB1911

    Do women need to do pct after 4-6 weeks of anavar?

    thank you for confirming.
  14. JMB1911

    Do women need to do pct after 4-6 weeks of anavar?

    I think what he meant was... no pct needed just continue to train and eat well.
  15. JMB1911

    Added Tren E to 1st cycle

    Well this thread is amusing. I am entertained.
  16. JMB1911

    Do women need to do pct after 4-6 weeks of anavar?

    This friend of mine is on a mild dose of cream for her t levels. if she ran 10mg anavar for 4-6 weeks does she need to do any type of pct? thx
  17. JMB1911

    Why Everything They Say About The Amazon, Including That It's The 'Lungs Of The World

    What are you doing in Brazil? Job take you there?
  18. JMB1911

    Update on heavyiron

    I hadn’t logged in for quite a while until recently. News to me.
  19. JMB1911

    This tweet is real

    The meltdown when he wins again will be like nothing the world has ever witnessed.