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  1. Deadliftdeez

    Is GH worth it for you?

    I ran it for about 8 months when I had some extra funds, and I looked way fuller even on 2-3iu a day. If I could afford it all the time I would.
  2. Deadliftdeez

    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    Just got my package within super fast. Will be running 450 Test E, 600 EQ, 20mg superdrol (last 4-6 weeks) and my AI for my offseason. Will post bloodwork when I get it done in about 4 weeks!! Super good communications and delivery speed. So far so good!
  3. Deadliftdeez

    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    List Please!! Thank you!
  4. Deadliftdeez

    Trains return to the stage log

    Looking GREAT
  5. Deadliftdeez

    Before/After Cholesterol supplements

    I have naturally high lipids, and I have been reading a lot of stuff about that red yeast rice. I use garlic and omega3 and that dropped my total about 15 when I was on trt. Also if you don't mind me asking, how much is the average gyno surgery? googling it gives you like the craziest range of...
  6. Deadliftdeez


    Hey everyone! I've been seriously training for 2 years now, and I'm excited to be here in this community! I hope I can learn a lot form all of you. -Thank you, Deadliftdeez