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    AUCTION: 2 Nan P100 + 200 Winstrol pills

    Damnit my damn phone didn't refresh the page so now I look like a dumbass
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    Future bikini competitor

    Welcome to asf! Good luck on your endeavors!
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    HI My name is James I have a full supply of dildos

    Can't wait to try these bathtub oils! My fave!
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    What I do is go to the store and find the cheapest bar soap you can get and I also get equate hand soap. Rub yourself down with the equate before you shower and while your dry. I let it sit for a few minutes then hop in the shower and use the bar soap. It dries you out!
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    What's up everyone!

    Super pumped to be a part of the community! On the lookout for a solid source!
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    What's up everyone!

    Hello everyone, I guess I should've posted here sooner but better late than never! I'm here to read up and lean and share my knowledge also. From what I've seen on here so far everyone here is pretty knowledgeable and helpful. I am 6'3 and currently weighing 213. I'm on the road to reaching my...
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    Tren A/Test E Pin Schedule

    I'm pinning 50mgs of ace everyday right now and I love it!
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    Private Source AY

    I wish I had more reputation around here so I could try some Green! I've read and heard a lot about it! Maybe one day!
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    SizzleChest in da heezy

    First word of advice, you shouldn't be running tren on your first cycle. Second is that you should definitely cut your dose in half and see what happens. Hopefully you are taking an AI or at least have one on hand
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    I am SICK of UGLs and pain, swelling, and redness. Sick of it!

    I myself have never heard anything bad about MLP and have never had PIP with a long ester so I would go back and make sure you did everything correctly
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    frist cycle any advice??

    Dema is right. I understand that I'm new to the forum also but you need to do some research and get a better understanding of things first. If you just clean up your diet and hit the weights hard you would be amazed by the changes you will see.
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    whats your favorite pre work out?

    I stick with Nitraflex by GAT
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    Post workout

    My favorite post workout for gaining is a pop tart and my protein shake
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    Hey bro I was hoping you could pm me a price list and info on ordering. Thanks.

    Hey bro I was hoping you could pm me a price list and info on ordering. Thanks.