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    Trying to put a cycle together for my wife

    What's her goal? If var worked, any reason she wouldn't use it again?
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    Methyl masteron, anyone try it?

    Methyl masteron is also called superdrol.
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    Ephedrine Sources?

    Gonna be tricky since it's a precursor and is watched carefully, but if you don't mind extra guaifenisen, primatene tablets and bronkaid have it.
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    winstrol & cyanostane

    Pretty sure your liver will hate you for stacking the two. Save it for another cycle and run it standalone (or with a test base).
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    Beginner Questions

    What makes you think cycling would make your university experience 100x better? If you lack confidence/are insecure, gear may help a little but it's still going to be all in your head, and you'll think "well, I'm still not big enough, better try more gear." Get your mind right first, the rest...
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    Intense Leg Aches

    Elevate and ice. You should definitely get a second opinion if they said it was close but not an exact match. I have a feeling the additional info about AAS might inform their decision whether to do additional testing.
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    Need pre cycle advice.

    Happy to help. I know it's a pain to feel like you're starting over, but your tendons, joints, etc. will thank you for it :). I started back in a few years ago after a really long layoff, and you have to check your ego at the door and just do what you can to stay healthy while you build the...
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    Intense Leg Aches

    I'm not a doctor, but compartment syndrome is a possible side effect of AAS. Swelling of the muscle, or bleeding into the muscle (in your case, it would be the first) can cause increased pressure within the compartment, which can impinge on the nerve, which would cause the numbness you're...
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    Does Albuterol/Clen/any fatburner preserve muscle mass during a cut

    Clen works well as an anti-catabolic for me. Pretty much all of the fat burners raise your core temperature, as indicated above.
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    Stanozolol cycl

    Detection time issues?
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    Stanozolol cycl

    Oral only cycles are generally not recommended. Winny is a DHT-derivative, so acne could be an issue if you are prone. The reason for the bloat in your previous cycles was probably that you were doing test and dbol, and I'm guessing that you didn't use an AI. Not doing PCT is a huge mistake. As...
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    Spring/summer cycle need some input

    Cycle history, training history, age, stats, goals?
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    clen drug screen?

    What kind of drug screen? For athletics? Generally it will. For run of the mill drug testing like job? No.
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    Whey vs Beef isolates

    Beef protein is usually just collagen (typically gelatin or something like it), which is not a very good protein. I stick with whey isolate or a blend (I like the blend a little more than pure isolate, seems to last me a little longer). Carnivor may be legit, the supp store guys I asked in the...
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    Need pre cycle advice.

    Build your strength back up before you jump back into the gear. The time off will get you back to where you were pretty quickly, but don't push too hard at the start.