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    Carrier oil

    I've heard the same thing about 200mg/ml Primo in any carrier. Personally I can go near EO. I've tried 3 times with different sponsors and had to go to the ER every time. Either my body rejects it or I'm allergic to it along with MCT oil.
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    Musclepay FAQ

    What shopping carts is your API compatible with?
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    I've had some Masteron E that was almost clear and thin like water and this was before sponsors started using carriers like EO and MCT.
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    Any Hutrope reviews ??

    Can anyone give their review on Hutrope from FARMARTON? Personal reviews and/or labwork. Is this Lyophilic version or premixed liquid version?
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    FARMA*TON FAQs - Ordering, Payments, Shipping & Contact

    What carrier do you use for your oils? Do you use EO or MCT ?
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    How does Dianabol make you feel?

    I have tried 3 times over the past few months and I can't last 2 weeks at 25mg/day. First I get horrible lower back pumps then fore arm and calf pumps then my shoulders start to hurt. I'm in so much pain It's so hard for me to bend over to tie my shoes, walk up stairs or even train. I feel...