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    First time advice

    Great info.
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    Here I thot var was relatively safe.
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    Stay strong!!!
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    Somebody, how can I build muscle mass quickly?

    What I did was put myself on a schedule. I eat every two hrs. I hav a alarm on my phone to help me remember.
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    5 Proven Ashwagandha Benefits That Can Improve Your Training

    I take this on a regular basis. 600 mg a day. I have not noticed much growth. But I continue to take it because it seems to help w my mood.
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    Turkesterone by IronMag Labs | What is it and how does it work?

    Has anybody use this and what results did u get ?
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    Whey Protein: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

    If u had one brand of protein what would it b??
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    Knives out for Harambe

    Good lookn knives
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    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    4.59 e-10
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    How To Use Supersets To Build A Thick & Wide Back

    I love back day. I’m going to try this. Ty
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    Build Great Calves With These 8 Tips

    Ty for posting.
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    What should I eat before a workout?

    I eat two bananas. Seems to make a difference for me.
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    5 Basic Yet Crucial Fat Loss Habits

    Ty u for the great info.
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    The Benefits of Kombucha Tea and Why You Should Drink It

    I drink this in the am.
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    Instagram vs Reality Pictures That You Won't Believe

    Crazy world out there
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    Can u guys fucking believe this?

    Way to go.
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    Do any of you believe in demons?

    Yes I do!!