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    Update on progress and GC thoughts!

    Only use GC…why….customer service is the best….products aren’t too bad either….lol
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    Proviron Testimonials

    Have used the Bayer. That some good shit right there! 50 mg per day with test and tren.
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    What's everyone running? Update!

    Thanks for the suggestion on adding proviron.
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    What's everyone running? Update!

    Currently on TRT. Next run will be test e 750 and NPP 300. Haven’t tried NPP, been a tren and mast fan for a long time. Want to try something new.
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    Any additional feedback on the proviron?
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    GC loyalty

    There is no reason to go anywhere else. Recently got some of NPP and very excited to start it shortly with some ATIPP.
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    Can't believe this.. I mean really?

    GC customer service is top notch.
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    Best gear

    Yes, he does
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    Which color top

    black tops are good
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    All about hgh

    For Altenator_6
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    All about hgh

    Monstro made a thread a few weeks back about using GH 3 times a week (10 ius each time), taking it right after training, then waiting 30 minutes, consume a meal, and focusing on using the GH when training lagging body parts. I decided to try this protocol, and I have noticed significant changes...
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    GVT question

    When doing GVT for legs, for example, would this be best approach: 10 sets of 10 for: squat lunges stiff legged DL ham string curls Larger muscle group 3 exercises, smaller 2 exercises Previously I have done 10 sets 10 reps utilzing above methods, but wanted other's opinions.
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    Amazon prime TD

    \ amen
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    What’s the consensus around Ace Labs?

    Bones is easy to deal with. Ordering simple and straight forward. Blacks tops, good stuff. Will be repeat customer for the HGH.
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    Just a thought.. suggestions are welcomed

    600 test prop 400 mast E 200mg tren e 50 mg proviron 50 mg tbol 10 iu GH post workout, 3 times a week
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    GH Dosing question

    appreciate the advice
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    GH Dosing question

    I just purchased the black tops from Ace, that are 13ius per vial. so when I mix the BAC water, my question is how much. Do I do 3 lines pass the 1 cc mark to dilute a one for one ratio? I want to use 10ius on training days, post work out as Monstro suggested in his protocol. I have used GH...
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    Yes sir!
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    Test E Test C Tren E EQ Mast proviron cialis