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    Sex Drive & ER

    So, I rarely have low sex drive / ER despite being 59 years old. Three weeks ago I started Femara @2.5mg / week in divided doses. At the same time, my doctor prescribed Lexapro @ 10mg / day to even my mood out. Is the Femara or Lexapro killing sex drive and ER? Do I drop the Lexapro or...
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    bench rep PRs

    I was ranked 4 in 2003 and 5 in 2005 by Powerlifting USA in the bench press (Sub-Masters - 39 years old @ 220lb). At the end of a heavy bench press (doubles and triples at 85%) I pressed 225 34X. After that did 8 easy reps at 315. These were done raw (no shirt) and very strict.
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    Another Order

    Just took advantage of the most recent sale..........I have been saying this for the past couple of years. Best Tren A and Sust out there "hands down". Tried many of the others in the past.
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    Acne Help!!!

    Additional results from my labs coming in every few days...Odd, considering I had them done 3 weeks ago. My DHT level is 20 ng/dl. That also is contributing to the acne issue. I also want to thank everyone for replying. Never too old to learn something.
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    Acne Help!!!

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    Acne Help!!!

    Z---just got bloodwork back. I think I found the issue: Prolactin 49.0 ng/mL 2.5 - 17.4 ng/mL
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    Acne Help!!!

    My insurance is making me wait until mid December to get the labs done. I had some done a few months back and I have to wait 6 months before getting them done for it to be paid for. I will post when I get them. Thanks
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    Another Perfect Order

    probably my 9th or 10th order with Flash over the past 2 years..............NEVER once have I had a problem. Communication is soooooo important in the game we are in. That along with everything else has been positive when dealing with Flash and JJB1
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    Acne Help!!!

    Hi dropped the Sust and Tren completely and my face is slowly going back to normal. I have an appt at 8am for labs so I will post here when I get the results. Do you think the 100mg of Tren A or 250mg of Sust 3X / week caused the breakouts? Or both? We will see what labs say and...
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    Acne Help!!!

    Thanks again Z. My BP floats between 130 / 85 on the high end to 112 / 75 low end. I take 40mg Lisinopril every night before bed. Heart rate stays between 85-95 BPM. I do probably 20-25 min of intense elliptical 5-6 X / week + lifting. Used to be a comp PL'er so the weights 20 years ago...
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    Acne Help!!!

    Thanks for the input bro.....figured it was the Tren or Test causing annoying. I love Tran, but as you say, my body has probably changed. Def will get labs done. Sorry if this is a silly question, but what do I tell my doc which levels need to be checked. I do get bloodwork 2X /...
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    order placed. I was gonna wait until Black Friday to see if there was a sale, but better to order now due to holiday mail issues. The 25% discount is a bonus.
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    Acne Help!!!

    Hey guys, I rarely post anymore, but I have a problem with acne and it is driving me crazy. I am 58 and have not changed my stack in 30 years...500mg Sust in 3 weekly does and 75mg or Tren A ED. About 2 years ago I developed acne / rosacea. I rarely drink anymore so it is not caused by...
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    on that right now.
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    Old Guys Running Tren...WTF.!!!

    I am 59 years old. Been running Tren and Sust for 23 years. Back when I was a competitive PL'er I tossed in Eq, A-Bombs, Halo and Chek drops. But now just 100mg Tren A ED and 500mg Sust / week. never come off, never had problems. Hard to believe, but "knock on wood".
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    I wanted to post this as it is rare anymore. Honesty. I had a situation with an order where honesty came into play. I can tell you that Flash is a straight forward guy. I could have easily been swindled, but that did not happen. I have ordered from Flash close to 10 times and I have stayed...
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    Flash Sustanon breakdown

    I will add to this...unsolicited. I have used been in this game going on 25 years now. I have used 4-5 different brands from this site in the past 5 years or so, but unless there is some crazy deal going on I stay with Flash. I don't know, maybe 7-8 orders with him the past couple of year and...
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    Pack Landed

    Another quick delivery. My 3rd order this year and maybe 10 or so overall. I only use Flash.
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    We are open for business- FUCK INFLATION SALE EXTENDED

    Got mine in a couple days ago. Been using you guys since you have been on the board and everything has been 1st rate...product quality / customer service. I referred two other guys who now buy from you guys. No lie----1of the guys came to me yesterday morning and asked me about another...
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    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    Philly---$5.39 for premium.