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    SB Service A++

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    SB Service A++

    I thought I had posted this week's ago but I guess I just got caught up in life... Anyway I waited until literally the last day to jump in on the August 5x5 Special from SB... I was hesitant because I've never dealt with crypto currency or SB... of course I ran into a few issues on my side...
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    SB Labs a August special

    I want to pull the trigger on this one so bad but I don't know shit about bitcoin trading
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    Do you old fuckers still squat?

    49 in 10 days... Smith machine, Hack squats, and leg press.... Dead Lifts will take my back out for a couple days
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    I’m officially on TRT, question about baby aspirin

    Studies show that heart attacks normally occur in the early morning hours... Dr suggested 81mg before bed so I added it to my magnesium and potassium
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    ASF Rules-Must Read

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    New Old Guy

    Just ran across this site while trying to figure out what happened to aasforums. Looking forward to finding some good, knowledgeable, helpful folks here.