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  1. twisted

    Who uses Gimmicks and why....

    Who uses gimmicks and why?...:coffee:
  2. twisted

    lifter6973 is the #1 democrap/libtard biden cocksucer...

    Look at this looney parrot ...is this nutz or someone that needs to be let out of basement? This is hilarious, I make this faggot melt and he isnt even a member no more:coffee:
  3. twisted

    NFL decision reversal!

    NFL announce there decision to reverse the kneeling policy...I think its bullshit and sports have no place for protest..I believe its disrespectful and unpatriotic!.... I'm wondering what football team is going to sign Kaepernick lol....
  4. twisted

    Seasonal lifters ...💪

    Ok for those fags who are seasonal lifters its your time to get busy bitches ..... Another summer approaching and its time for you fags to put your half ass workouts in .....so dig out your spaghetti string wife beater t's and set the alarm so you can get up early ..... Its ok I lump you fags...
  5. twisted

    Private source gh labs💪 ........

    My go to private source lab results on green tops .....I got some serum levels done on green tops I picked up from my private source ...and as usual there on par :winkfinger: IM injected 10ius 3hrs 35mins later bloods drawn 👍
  6. twisted

    Reddog 😞

    Well heres your 4th direct response .......everytime I turn around I see you post "wanna be a porn star" ...your like a thorn in my side brother ....like the old lady sitting on porch gossiping .....now Im startin to get pissed honestly ...... so here you go bro Dont bring my words into...
  7. twisted

    Stepping down ....

    Hey guys/gals I am no longer repping for Medlabs ...there is no ill feelings here I just decided to step down ...so please direct all pm's to Macedog amd Crawfbigg regarding medlabs ,they will take care of you:winkfinger:
  8. twisted

    Wreckem ....can we talk?

    Ok I wanna say I apologize to you ...seriousely !!! As a rep I dont have access to all info medlabs keeps everything confidential except for ur order number ....I tend to focus on a small part of a situation and not step back and see the whole picture ....for that I wanna apologize sir...
  9. twisted

    Ia hgh serum results.....

    I was ask to do some hgh serum labs for IA .....and results are in !! ..... Heres link http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/showthread.php/45057-IA-HGH-Serum-Results?p=690714#post690714
  10. twisted

    certain members need to pay up 👊

    Ok obviousely I rep for medlabs most of u know this .......And I treated many if not all of you guys above fair ....shit some I throw feebies to cause u guys are my boys ...also how many guys made purchases from sponsers and had to change the reciever info ...I was asked 2 different times in...
  11. twisted

    5 day medlab frenzy sale !!!

    MUST BUY 9 ITEMS BUY 9 ITEMS AND GET $150 FREE BUY 16 ITEMS AND GET $300 FREE SALE ENDS IN 60 HOURS HCG EXCLUDED Please be sure to use promo/discount code .......use the rep code of your rep then forward slash and add your discount amount ....example medlab400/ 150 ..or medlab400/300*...
  12. twisted

    Mfl genos labs

    I had some genos gh from mfl ...I started them with my latest log ....IM 10ius in delt ..labs pulled shy of 3hr mark :wits:....I usually can make it happen on 3hr mark , but it was a mad house at lab and couldnt perdict it .......hands were tingling there ass off when I got there...
  13. twisted

    still wondering where pharmalogic went??

    Thread locked??
  14. twisted

    I think i ran out of pages for my log

    :coffee:..now what ? .....I mean I wouldnt be surprised its 80 pages long :roflmao:...
  15. twisted

    Hey jersey devil & pittsburg, maybe ay can do a halo auction!!

    Lots of auctions goin on here on asf :coffee:....just maybe private source (ay) can do a halo auction.:winkfinger:.....I mean word on streets is ay's halo is insane ..;)
  16. twisted

    Wheres nuttz????

    Anyone hear from nuttz:coffee:....I miss the guy :o.......
  17. twisted

    Reviewing injectable adrol :)

    Pinned 1ml ....lovely ...easy to load and smells sorta along the lines like tne ..a bit of zap while pushin plunger down but quickly goes away ...no pip whats so ever ...Headed in to smash some iron :winkfinger:...btw darius clever packaging and shipping :winkfinger:
  18. twisted

    Androgen test c !!!!

    Hey I got some of gr's domestic line test c 250....I injected 2.5mls so far smooooth....oils looks like sweet nectar:winkfinger:...Im goin to follow up on this thread tomorrow and update of any soreness or pip ...as of now NOTHIN..!!!!!.
  19. twisted

    Paxtons grey top gh

    Followed protocol ...IM inject in delt 10ius labs pulled 3hrs later....zero pip , zero redness ...:winkfinger:
  20. twisted

    Td .....

    Got in on aridex deal gr was running .....I would post up td but my phone is acting up ....my goodies were some accutane , caber and aridex ....gotta say arrived fast and products in orig blister packs and caber in glass vial sweeeeet ...:winkfinger: thanks maj for helpin me ur the man :winkfinger: