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  1. bigtime916

    China preparing for “D-Day” INVASION of the continentes to land on the beaches of California

    Even after coronavirus people still think about missiles and guns lol. They will just unleash a new stronger bio weapon they have a cure for. That way their people won't get the shit.
  2. bigtime916

    China Invasion into Taiwan?

    It's just one thing after another. Why are we getting involved here when Kirby just said we don't support Taiwan independence? I don't get it. I'm guessing a new virus that's worse than covid will pop up soon. https://news.yahoo.com/kirby-says-u-doesn-t-193835830.html
  3. bigtime916

    Straight White Males

    Shit I thought I was about to hear some tom macdonald
  4. bigtime916

    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    5.09 reg. And 5.55 for diesel.
  5. bigtime916

    Anyone fly to Mexico or anywhere else for stem cells?

    The issue is its gone on for a very long time and metal poisoning has the same sides effects. So it was missed until after my last surgery. From what I'm reading they can reverse damage to organs and the immune system. I'll be curious what the doc says. She's nailed all this shit when...
  6. bigtime916

    Anyone fly to Mexico or anywhere else for stem cells?

    Ugh I just keep on falling back in the hole. I have metal poisoning from a spine implant that was removed two years ago. Deposition shows my surgeon "had to hack out the black muscle and tissue. But there's only so much you can hack out" So I've been detoxing heavy metals with supplements as...
  7. bigtime916

    Hunter Biden Uncensored

    Gotta scratch your head over this one. So hunter calls dad pedo Pete. His daughters diary said she thinks she molested and took showers with dad. Hunter and biden shared a checking account. Biden says he's never met any of hunters business partners but we have pics proving he's lying. We...
  8. bigtime916

    All the lakes are drying up

    Thanks we love it.
  9. bigtime916

    All the lakes are drying up

    Verdi, about 15 min from the California sign.
  10. bigtime916

    All the lakes are drying up

    Well I live in the sierras. We still have snow on the peaks and it almost July. Folsom in Sacramento is full. Tahoe is full. Donner is full. Several lakes I fish are full. YouTube search "Sacramento selling water" the news just did a report on this. Newsome said the drought was over because we...
  11. bigtime916

    Stinks stupid bullshit financial post hub

    In the 18s now. Holy shit.
  12. bigtime916

    Who Here You Respect and Why..

    Wes has always been a straight shooter to me. Lots of good dudes on here. That's why I've stayed for years.
  13. bigtime916

    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    This was 3 days ago down the road from my house. It's now .25 more ill have to get a new pic. https://ibb.co/dMCTMb3
  14. bigtime916

    Stop being an idiot?

    I catch soooo much shit for posting him on the net. I tell people to listen to the words and don't judge his looks. Looks like stereotypes are still a thing.
  15. bigtime916

    Stop being an idiot?

    Well votes counted in SF. People are fed up. Turn out in primaries has been highly in favor of Republicans. I don't think dems will turn out. Our governor passed a law in NV to send everyone a ballot. He was crying the other day about the low number of returned ballots. Lol. When you piss...
  16. bigtime916

    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    I'm seriously asking the same questions. Everything is up, food, fast food, groceries, subscription services, shit even RING, fuel here is now 6.00 in NV. Housing, rent for a one bed 2100.00 for a OK place. Energy prices, EVERYTHING! I'm seriously scratching what little hair I have left. I...
  17. bigtime916

    Stop being an idiot?

    We have a Hispanic family we've gotten very close to. 1st gen in America. The dad started a business and the family is amazing and very welcoming. They just want to feed us lol. Anyway, they paid off their home here in 10 years and they're now building a second home in Mexico. He was showing...
  18. bigtime916

    Stop being an idiot?

    Everyone is welcome to their own opinions. I do agree they divide us. I dont post about it as much anymore but I still stay active at my daughter's school. Don't fight and lose. A group of us hav3 changed a few things this year at my daughter's school. I will fight for what's right and I'm...
  19. bigtime916

    Musk Threatens to Drop $44 Billion Twitter Deal If Data Is Not Provided

    Lol now TX is going in on Twitter and suing them. I can't wait until discovery comes. Anyone think twitter will agree to a new price once this gets deep enough? I don't think they want those books open.
  20. bigtime916

    Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2022)

    Lol sorry I had this discussion today and had to pull links. It's nit really a debate when it's misinformation. But it's all good. Good movie so go see it guys.