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  1. J

    Opinion on Sarms?

    Like Wes said some injectable sarms are strong. Injectable rad and lgd3303 both strong.
  2. J

    I Hate Tren!

    I used to use a fair amount of tren but never thought it was that great really. I think trestolone ace is way better for muscle gain and strength it's just a bitch to control the estro for me at anymore then 5mgs a day. Well I guess it's not that difficult since ralox always works. For...
  3. J

    Why Do Slow Drivers Stay in the Left Lane..??

    It's is the law in pa. Some highways have signs up that say passing lane only. Lol obviously it doesn't stop people from doing it though.
  4. J

    Anadrol experience

    Love anadrol. Feel great on it. 75-100mgs a day. It's an individual thing. Superdrol turns me into a zombie. Dbol I need an ai to prevent gyno on anymore then 30mgs. Anadrol no side effects for me other than legs getting pumped just from walking up a hill. Lol. So really you have...
  5. J


    If your using something with high pip massage the injection site and rotate often. I'm using some stuff that leaves me a little sore everytime if o don't do that. Well I had a welt that looked like a gold ball so I was getting concerned but luckily it went away. I was one day away fine getting...
  6. J

    School me on HCG

    Shouldn't use it in pct since it's supressive. You use it during cycle and some feel it makes pct quicker. Another way is large doses at the end of a cycle before pct starts. I just take to keep the boys hanging. 250mcg-500mcg twice a week works well for that. Also be careful because some...
  7. J

    Alternating AAS in Stacks

    No but I have heard of guys running low dose dbol with low dose anadrol and likening it better then either by therself at a larger dose. Or if you on for a long time you can rotate drugs eventually. But yeah never heard one day anadrol. And the next dbol.
  8. J

    Advices for build muscle

    Supplements make a small diffrence. If your new to training just stick to it and results will come easy at first. Make sure you are in a calorie deficit and you will lose weight plus build muscle at the same time when your new. Recouping will be become more difficult the more experienced you...
  9. J

    Boosting testosterone at 48yrs

    Lots of guys like natty test boosters. May help with libido and mood but I wouldn't expect any huge testosterone increase from them. Clomid would be your best bet for that. I've seen claims guys have used it as a restart and levels stayed higher after a run. Never done it myself so you'd...
  10. J

    Anavar for powerlifting?

    I've never ran anavar but I know plenty of guys that love it and get a strength boost from it. Seeing as your only running 200mga test forget about the halo, superdrol, etc. most guys probably didn't notice the low dose so your probably new to anabolics. If your growing of low dose test some...
  11. J

    Somebody, how can I build muscle mass quickly?

    Sounds like you have trouble eating enough. Lots of old school tricks. Add olive oil to your shakes, make or buy mass gainer shakes, drink whole milk, eat peanut butter, etc. basically eat calorie dense foods.
  12. J

    Fasting and the snake juice diet?

    I fasted for six days once to see if it would straighten out my stomach. Didn't bother with the snake juice. You only need that for long fast to prevent a serious electrolyte imbalance. The most rapid and best way for quick weight loss is psfm imo. I lost 4 to 5 lbs a week by eating only...
  13. J


    I'm guessing you typed that wrong. If he is on trt (testosterone for life) he needs no pct ever.
  14. J

    IMO Fasted cardio is best for fat loss, What do you guys think ?

    I'm more of a calories in calories out guy but if you feel it works for you keep at it. They say you only need 0.8 grams of protein per lbs of body weight but I eat way more and know I look better and feel better with higher protein. My point is if you know something is working for you stick...
  15. J

    Not a new member but… here’s my physique

    Even with the shirt you can see you have a good build. Good work
  16. J

    Trestolone dosage

    Also make sure you have ralox on hand. I tried 25 mgs and it was the only thing that would prevent gyno. Wasn't worried because a gram of test never gave me any problems and I had nolva. On hand. Nolva wouldn't touch it though.
  17. J

    Trestolone dosage

    Pretty much this. I feel like people run way more then they need. Back in the day I used to run 150 mgs test suspension Ed/ 75-100mgs tren Ed/100 mgs anadrol and can feel 5 mgs of trest. I don't think most need 25mgs Ed. I think 10-15 mgs Ed is a better starting point. I think 25mgs of...
  18. J

    Trestolone dosage

    Some claim the chance of estro sides are higher with eod. I personally would stick to ed. how much are you planning on running? Even 5mgs a day of legit trest is noticeable. Stuff is strong.
  19. J

    Accidentally took too much

    If the shakes or feel overstimulated is a problem l theanine will help smooth it out. Others already gave advice on the cramps part.