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    Alpha Brain

    Used AB prior to receiving an adult ADHD diagnosis and found that beyond a placebo effect during the first week or so, I had no noticeable difference in much of anything. Following my diagnosis and subsequent Adderall prescription, life is very very different, for the better. All things...
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    Gynecomastia surgery scheduled

    Good luck man, consulting with a local plastic in a couple weeks. I'm a research person.. read about things constantly before making a decision to move forward and I've yet to read about anyone unhappy with pulling the trigger on this surgery.
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    Will do, thanks!
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    Thanks! @TheOldJJdigs, I'm basically doing this for your post count requirements. :eek:
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    Hey folks, lurker turned member. Never played in the gear space before but have always been curious - more so now as I'm entering my 40s and trying to keep up.