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    A look at a few advantages of owning a home gym

    Awesome home gym ideas. For those w/o ac consider adding a mini split ac to make it bearable during the hot months.
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    Favorite Christmas Movie 🎄☃️

    A Christmas Carol - the 1938 version.
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    Condescending cunts

    What a shame you can't respect guys freely sharing the gift of experience. Even guys who have a vested interest in selling product won't tell you different - in your best interest, not theirs. I wish this kind of information was available to me some decades ago. It's a huge benefit if you...
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    IV Vitamin drip; vitamin shot; or just oral vitamins?

    So, I've been a little under the weather for a few days; right before the Holiday's of course; and a friend suggested an IV vitamin drip. If anyone has experience with these things I'd be interested in how effective they are; what to take; and whether an injection can be as effective. In...
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    Your go to for EDC?

    G23. Simple is good if things get exciting!
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    Yarishna. 1 day away

    What's the good news? She'll spit on it first???
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    Nick Walkers legs

    What is it and what's it from?
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    Rat. Piece of S**T

    Love it. Some things are still settled in the street.
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    Yes, their not cheap. It's the noise cancelling that's magic. The sound is awesome but if you haven't tried real noise cancelling you'll be amazed. A friend of mine purchases them from Best Buy; gets the warranty from the geek squad, and returns them for a swap after a couple of years when...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    I think we all got a little off topic. The article was "They lied to us". Bullshit reporting and skewed journalism swings both ways - far left and far right- and I'm not a fan of either. The article doesn't indicate that the WHO or any of the professionals lied. It suggests they made...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    Wow. Your area was substantially different than mine. No joke the hospitals were bringing in refrigerated tractor trailers for the bodies; ICU's full up. Personally I didn't do much anything different. Was as careful as if a bad flu season but If I got it I got it. Still had to work...
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    I'm considering the Bose Quiet Comfort II. A friend has the precursor and loves them. The noise cancelling aspect is also a selling point. The noise cancelling for their aircraft headsets is amazing so I'll bet the buds won't disappoint.
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    And now everyone who guessed right is going to medical school? I guess the hospitals in your area had plenty of extra beds? How fast we forget. At least in a free country (and this forum) we all get to express our opinions and occasionally share a spirited debate. And that's a good thing!
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    Very interesting; really appreciate all the info you provided. Education is the key to solving many issues instead of just following the herd or wanting to be accepted by a group. I worked through the whole Covid mess; got it myself about 8 months in. I'll put myself in harms way before my...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    Hey Milford! Love ur posts! My guess is that anything; including restrictions on travel; in the beginning were exclusively implemented to lower the half life, if you will, of an unknown threat. Thereby giving the experts more time to understand and provide solutions. Unless I was at the...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    I hear what you're saying and would agree that in 'hindsight' some protocols were wrong. For a variety of reasons. I am fortunate to be in a State that tended to reasonably apply the rules and when new data came out made adjustments accordingly. People suffered less and some businesses...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    Perhaps it was coincidence but a few doctors I know said it was a light flu season during Covid. I didn't research data to support these statements. If true, possibly because people were more conscious about hand washing? So a single or combination of precautions can mitigate the spread of a...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    I don't read the article as someone admits it was all a lie. I believe most everyone made the best decisions at the time with the information that was available. Initially. Some decisions were made as a result of 'groupthink'; and some were morphed into obvious political bullshit. It's always...
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    "Back sides" Thigh Gap Or Thick thighs, jeans or yoga pants?

    Some people debate whether the glass is half empty or half full. Mostly I'm just grateful to have a glass! If a girl with one, two, three, or no thigh gap drops her jeans; yoga pants, shorts - I'm in. So to speak.
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    Poor labradoodle...

    Fucking perverts in Florida. Not surprised. I can't stand having sex with a dog watching; forget about sex with the dog!