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    New England Patriots Hernandez Found NOT GUILTY in double murder trial

    Good save me some tax dollars I think every cell should come with a 6 ft rope.
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    What can we do to prevent silent killer?

    Once we started pumping man made product into ours asses we become a science experiment and the heart and blood pressure have so many different factors in play but gear sure don't help the equation but we all going to die anyway might as well do what makes us happy so fuck it I am going to go...
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    Steroid bust

    that's some funny shit I still have some of his test I really liked it
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    veins !

    Outstanding and the fact your in your 60s is simply amazing true inspiration for sure my hat is off to you congrats.
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    Tren base

    I have ran a lot of base and Factory has the best Blackstar was a close second both of them very smooth and strong AF.
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    Tren base

    Who's got some good base.i like factory but i will pass on them right now.
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    What is everyone looking for Blend Wise* DP

    Tren base with test base at 100mg each. I would be all over that
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    Have any of you tried this ice cream?

    I tried the chocolate the made a few bites then trashed it.
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    Yo Niggas.

    Dmz 2.0 or Superdrol https://bigdansfitness.com
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    Trump has plans for 2A supporters

    I bet crime drops big time
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    Tren is kickin

    i know but I would feel so much better I never been handcuffed in my life with a good lawyer I am almost willing to take the charge with a smile on my face
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    Tren is kickin

    feels more like a red hot sledge hammer to the dick
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    Tren is kickin

    Well atleased you didn't find out your wife cheated on you 3 years ago with a friend I found out 2 days ago. And I am 3 weeks into a tren cycle and I am not in jail YET but I am sure when I find him that day will come. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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    Test near 6000

    times 2 I bet the guy can squat 700 for 10 reps too lol
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    Td on TOY NON aas related!!!

    just plug it in the the cigarette lighter and my work can't see where I am at or how fast I am driving or if I take a long lunch or go home early ect ect but got to be careful itch it I work on a few federal sites and I make sure it is not plugged in like air base or airports
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    Td on TOY NON aas related!!!

    I have a gps jammer for my work van and it works great. http://www.thesignaljammer.com/categories/GPS-Jammers/
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    Started a-bombs today

    First time using any Orals was muscle factory a bombs back in the day and insane back pumps and strength went though the roof tried about 4 other labs and nothing even close tried halo a few months back and loved them. Give us a update in a few weeks cause I love me some bombs
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    Alcohol and Blast and Cruise

    Goose with white can monster or shots of frozen Crown Apple maybe a few drinks in a weeks time but on a rare occasion I will get hammered on goose and Sprite
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    Just for you Riverghost you jerk off.

    all in good fun brother
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    Just for you Riverghost you jerk off.

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