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    **The Crazy Annual Ironlion Sale**

    I live for this sale each year!
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    How To Leg Press Correctly!

    That explains my limited gains after all these years!
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    EXTENDED to the end of November: Blackfriday 2021 Promo #2!!!

    And I get in here dec 1. My life sucks
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    $$Big Sale$$ @ ironlion

    Had to jump on this. First time with greys but have lived the orange for a couple years. Looking forward to my run.
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    Bayer Primo

    Sent over an email
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    3 Grey top pures auction

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    4 kit puretropin auction

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    4 kit puretropin auction

    that AM or PM?
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    4 kit puretropin auction

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    New Year Sales

    Such a great deal. I may have to get one more order in before this ends!!
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    Buy one to get free one-----A big sales to welcome Christmas

    Just had my 8 pack land. I scored a 567 igf last year on these.
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    Buy one to get free one-----A big sales to welcome Christmas

    I’ve sent an email twice to the new address this week with no response.
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    Auction 7x 100 IU Pharmatropin (700IU in total)

    Man...I need to stop by this board more often.
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    The Best Comeback from the 90’s – Shawn Ray!

    I cannot stand Shawn. I've lost all respect for him. When MD goes under, I hope he fades away too.
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    Better choices out there. I'm the one that tested that and I wouldn't recommend it or use it again. Some of the other testers stopped using it before doing labs and threw it away.