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  1. bababoeyasf

    Kenosha Riot

    Serious question I wonder how this story would be playing out differently if the kid was a couple months older. Assuming the legal carry age is 18 for long guns as it is in my state (handguns being 21). Everyone is very hung up on him being underage by less than a year. If he was of age would he...
  2. bababoeyasf

    Mighty Mouse HGH Testing Generics/Omnitrope

    That’s awesome Mighty Mouse that’s a huge difference and I feel you for sure on the diet thing. Thanks for the info
  3. bababoeyasf

    Mighty Mouse HGH Testing Generics/Omnitrope

    Here’s a question. What Gains do you think you can contribute to your hgh use? You’re obviously a great responder but sometimes I hear people say it’s an expensive fat burner nothing more. Also I hear people say it’s not good for any real muscle gains just gaining water weight. i would love to...
  4. bababoeyasf

    What are your go to brands ATM?

    Mighty Mouse I hear what you are saying I will say though and even get that way with things in regular life. I have some repair man at my house and he does well then I recommended him to my neighbors and he sucks for them or stands them up. Then somehow my neighbors are mad at me like why did I...
  5. bababoeyasf

    What are your go to brands ATM?

    Sorry guys been gone a while trying to get my wife pregnant so haven’t been around as much. Hopefully something finally took we shall see. Side note anyone with fertility questions can send me a PM. For gear always like Gear church been great for a while and still would support gorilla and gear...
  6. bababoeyasf


    Just got back about a week ago. Bars and shows were closed which didn’t matter to me at all. You can take your mask off in the pool so plan on being in the pool if you’re outside at the hotel. You have to wear your mask laying out or hanging out by the pool and it was like 103 so that sucked...
  7. bababoeyasf

    Lab testing. Why bother?

    Coachcabo I was i just got back from Cabo I’m pissed I meant to look you up when I was down there!
  8. bababoeyasf

    Fertility questions blood work

    My fertility dr has me doing hcg 2500mg every other day in wondering now if that’s too much
  9. bababoeyasf

    Npp looks like gel?

    I’m not sure if the carrier oil is to blame or what. But once I used blue collar godz and got their cyp in the winter and it turned to like goop. Super thick goop. I’ve had plenty of gear that crashed but this was totally different it was odd. Generally crashed gear to me looks like crystal...
  10. bababoeyasf

    This is only the beginning...

    The idea of focusing more on just the old people and immunocompromised really being the ones to quarantine is gaining momentum and I wouldn’t disagree
  11. bababoeyasf

    AMA Labs

    I loved AMA. I dont believe i used their NPP but everything i used from them i liked a lot!
  12. bababoeyasf

    Ufc 248

    Im watching it for sure. Did I tell you guys I was in vegas in January the weekend of the connor vs cowboy fight? My wife and I were eating at Carbone when It was empty because we got an odd time reservation. Anyway Dana white was at the table by us and I got picture. Talked to him he was...
  13. bababoeyasf

    BD 30ml? Anyone ever seen 1?

    im almost positive thats the brand jswole is referring to. They were here for a short minute scammed some people and left and definitally were doing those big jugs like that
  14. bababoeyasf

    another awesome TD/experience

    At update on bloodwork?
  15. bababoeyasf

    Fermented green supremeFood.. fermented food and supplements...

    I was doing kumbacha teas and bubbies sourkraut daily for a long time until I heard fermented foods can cause cancer. So I’ve backed away and stopped them. Apparently Korea has some of the highest gastrointestinal cancer rates maybe from all the kimchi
  16. bababoeyasf

    Frag 176-191 Domestic

    A guy i know is running recon frag and says its awesome. I have never tried frag personally but think i will now
  17. bababoeyasf

    Can you get a girl pregnant while on a cycle? Truth or Myth

    Like with most things in life it seems genetics play a role in this. I have taken gear for 8 years off and on more on than off. Wife and I decided to have a kid so I stopped everything in mid October so like 4 months ago. Sperm Count is still 0.00 after 4 months off LH and FSH low as well both...
  18. bababoeyasf

    Why don’t we hold sources accountable?

    I would like to contribute to some testing as well. I have some tbol that I could swear is dbol. I don’t want to say for sure because who knows but I have a hunch. Also underdosing is understandable maybe because Raw being off but no excuse for wrong hormone because I believe that’s easily...
  19. bababoeyasf

    My talk with a old school bb'er

    I actually really agree with him. I have totally changed my mind on this matter recently. Before I would treat symptoms (add more drugs) now I would just avoid symptoms by keeping dosing lower. I was taking letro at times with prami then Benadryl to sleep and now would just keep everything lower...
  20. bababoeyasf

    UFC 247 - Jon Jones vs Reyes

    Was very surprised to see derick Lewis win a unanimous decision