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    Legit T4 research chem sire that takes CC direct

    Was all set to place an order for a bunch of stuff with you guys... But bitcoin...
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    Legit T4 research chem sire that takes CC direct

    Been out of the game a few years, got married had a couple kids, had back surgery and went from 7%BF and jacked to fat in a damn hurry! Now that we are done having kids, and im all snipped, was gonna get back at it here. Wanted some Levo to drop the weight a bit easier, but it seems all my old...
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    Anabolic America scammers

    Had nothing but great experiences from them. Fast service, always legit, great communication. That sucks...i know they go dark from time to time and change websites i just hope thats what is going on
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    My back muscles are too big - according to a doctor

    Had a doctor tell me similar as I started to have lower back issues. It is disproportionate, but I am no where near as off as you are. That is pretty amazing. I stopped focusing on my upper back just keeping moderate volume and higher reps, and hit the deads hard. I slipped a disc in April...
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    adipex/phentermine...any sponsors, or suggestions?

    Looking to get some phentermine, used it before for 30 days had good results... Any sponsors carrying it or have a suggested source? Thanks bros
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    What Compound Will You Never Run?

    Used DNP I'm in the camp that believes it can be used safely. Clen have before probably won't again. Tren I get no sides from so I will again. But NEVER again will I use Winny. I got better results from Epistaneand none of the sides. If I ever think about using Winny again I'll just crush some...
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    Who's carrying Pharmacy T3?

    Looking to place an order and need cytomel...I've used the Turkish stuff and been happy...but prefer pharmacy T3. Been happy with just about every source here I've tried: AY SFY AMA AA Would be great if Exemestane is carried as well. Thanks guys
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    All about gyno by Captainspammer

    I guess the three people who saw my post and commented on it must have xray vision...didn't know I could type in invisible ink on the forum ;) Seriously though, pretty forward statement regarding gyno. With many many people having luck with letro, epistane and ralox. There are studies showing...
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    7 legit reasons to never squat!!

    I stopped doing anything but bodyweight leg workouts and couldn't be happier. When squatting anything over 310 made my knees hurt for days(smith or BB). I have had a number of knee surgeries and 2 reconstructions. I do have arthritis in both knees. I have always had decent legs, from years...
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    PrivateSource Touchdown!

    You will love the gear! Fantastic customer service...so nice to see that as it is a lost art on so many these days. Great, helpful reps too. I don't see any Test with that order though... You can use slin pins with her test...like water. I don't see any Test with that order though...
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    Best suggested RC company for Exemestane, or Pfiser Pills...also Caber

    Have had bad luck with RC Stane...always seems to settle at the bottom and no amount of shaking or heating does it stay suspended. Will give CEM a try, used them in the past and they were good to me. Thanks.
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    I have had the same issue with the 25g 1.5" Terumo needles from GPZ. I have pushed AY's test through a 27g 1" needle with no trouble but it doesn't want to go through the 25g 1.5" needle. Out of 2.5ml I get down to the last.5 and it just seems to stop, doesn't matter: glutes, VG, delt. A...
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    Best suggested RC company for Exemestane, or Pfiser Pills...also Caber

    I have a couple of boxes of the pfizer pills but decided I would like a little cushion for the current cycle. I always like to have a little extra on hand. My source for the Pfizer pharm pills is out, and I got hosed by another company recently. Also looking for some more Caber, I have a...
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    All about gyno by Captainspammer

    Plenty of anecdotal evidence of Letro and Epistane reducing existing gyno lumps. Ralox as well. How did you conclude that Letro doesn't work?
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    more accurate than LabCorp

    I have a similar experience to this fellow as well. Labcorp had me at 250+ for Estradriol while on tren and 2.5mg of pharm letro. Sore joints, ED and all the usual low E sides.
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    My soon to be cut cycle

    On the days where I do feel extra cranky or foggy, I will hav a couple of handfuls of almonds that usually helps. I stick pretty close to my macros when on this diet and I have had great success with it in the past.
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    My soon to be cut cycle

    Oh I know it doesn't. In my experience when I raise fats above carbs with where they are at I go into Ketosis, and while the weight will come off I feel like shit. Had good luck with this split. At worst I get a little foggy headed and cranky.
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    My soon to be cut cycle

    2400 Calories/day Protein 360g Carbs 150g Fat 40g divided over 4 meals per day. Plus 2 protein shakes as snacks.
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    My soon to be cut cycle

    They are meals largely consist of: Grilled Chicek, Flank Steak, Filet, Eye of Round Steak Brown Rice, Yams (mashed with cinnamon is a good dessert), Spinach, Oats. Avocado, Raw Almonds