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  1. SloppyJ


    Cool brew for sure. If you did it again, how low do you think you could drop the EO? I'm not a fan of EO if I don't have to use it.
  2. SloppyJ

    Is This Carrier Oil Safe To Use

    MCT is where it's at. I've made Test Prop 200 several times and I get no pip. Just upped the BB to around 24%. Had no issues with it holding. Now I give it to my buddy to try and his ass cheeks were hurting for a long time. He can barely tolerate 100mg/ml though. Wonder what it is about us that...
  3. SloppyJ

    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    Helped my buddy make some and it held fine at 500mg/ml with no solvents. Wonder if some BB would help it go higher. I still haven't tried it but he was all about it for some reason.
  4. SloppyJ

    Anyone have an Injectable Proviron Recipe?

    Maybe try some Guaic or EO? But really at that rate, I'm not sure how high you could get it. I don't like using those solvents and even if you get it up to 30mg/ml, you're still going to require a lot of volume to get to where you need to be with the proviron. I wouldn't have thought it would be...
  5. SloppyJ

    Stink wants to try new things but wants your advice.

    Bummer man. Sorry to hear that. I have an eye condition and they don't know what causes it or if it's even linked to genes. I feel your pain.
  6. SloppyJ

    How many times a week?

    Someone told him that her estrogen was too high. He crushed up some adex and put it in there. I think he only did it for a couple days before he bitched out. I'm not up on female hormones but I don't think that was the right play. If anything he should have put some 141 in her coffee and then...
  7. SloppyJ

    Your longest blast?

    Admidetly, since I started TRT and my checkups are every 6mo, I stay on too long. I'll stay on for 4-5mo, get off for a month to get bloods, then hop back on. I need to slow that shit down. Although as I've gotten older I see the merit in milder compounds.
  8. SloppyJ

    Porn GIF thread

    ^^ Lips that grip!
  9. SloppyJ


    Damn can't we have a quad challenge or something easier?
  10. SloppyJ

    "With a Beard"

    Come back over a year later and Kilsong is still fucking with you guys. At least he is consistent.
  11. SloppyJ

    Stink wants to try new things but wants your advice.

    For me, 500mg EQ wouldn't even get my dick wet. I say stick to test in the 500-750 range and maybe add in some mast or proviron like HF03 said. Easy cycle that isn't hard on you and you should have good results. What causes the skin flare ups? Do you have a skin condition or do you think it's...
  12. SloppyJ

    Dbol and gyno

    I'm gyno prone and Dbol is my favorite oral. You HAVE to make sure you have a legit AI and even have a backup. Order a bottle of letro just in case as well. If it gets worse, just drop the dbol until you can find legit AIs.
  13. SloppyJ

    Korean Quadzilla

    I thought this post was about fourwheelers. Thanks wes.
  14. SloppyJ

    Gynecomastia surgery scheduled

    Dealt with it since puberty and I would like to have it done eventually. It's hard to drop that kind of cash on such a superficial thing for some people but I totally understand why you're so excited. Congrats man. Would love to see or hear about the progress after you get it completed.
  15. SloppyJ

    How many times a week?

    1-2x per week for me and the wife. That's after having some serious talks about it. Sometimes I'll hit a 3-4 day hot streak and then go cold. After the kiddo, things slowed way down.... My buddy was so hard up he started putting shit in his wife's coffee. I still laugh at that. My wife is on...
  16. SloppyJ

    Max’s log

    Checkin in on my boy. Still running strong with the log. Love ya bro! Hope all is well. That girl in the camo pants.... mmmmm
  17. SloppyJ

    Everyone has a Plan...

    Could have been way worse. Did tyson get charged with anything? Did a guy say Tyson was trying to give him shrooms? That would have been a better video for sure.
  18. SloppyJ


    It's mild and I love the effects on a long run but it takes some volume to get it there. I run 400mg/ml and 1200mg/wk. This helps tremendously. For me, it has a nice AI side effect and typically I do not have to take as much AI to keep the sides away. That's the best part of it. Keeps me lean...
  19. SloppyJ

    Drugs vs no drugs

    Nice place to start from for sure!
  20. SloppyJ

    Mortal Fucking Kombat

    Looks fucking sick. Remember playing the first one when i was a kid and learning all of the special combos.