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  1. nuttz51

    So I got a lump and it’s been there for 4 days

    As of today the lump is much smaller, less painful and seems to be getting better. Will not be trying to fit .75ml in a tricep anymore
  2. nuttz51

    So I got a lump and it’s been there for 4 days

    At what point do you get worried? I’m using a trusted source on here. Pinned .75ml test e into my tricep 4 days ago and the lump is still there. No fever and it hasn’t gotten any worse.
  3. nuttz51


    I’ve heard of that dose being prescribed for TRT but not commonly that much. To me it would be too much. For me on 500 test I would take .25 x3 a week
  4. nuttz51


    If you have to take 0.5mg or more of adex EVERY day, you need to take less test. And you’d probably benefit more from a lower dose of test without the added AI. People are on ridiculous amounts of drugs for no reason at all
  5. nuttz51

    Tren E, SUS 250 , DBOL

    That’s a shit ton of gear. Are you an ifbb pro or something?
  6. nuttz51

    Giving PSL a try

    Except for back when they were faking lab tests lol
  7. nuttz51

    Man what a journey these last 16 weeks have been

    thats good that the lumps reduced in size but just know that those are probably going to be there for life unless you have them surgically removed. be extra careful with aromatizing compounds and always keep some arimidex on hand
  8. nuttz51

    Man what a journey these last 16 weeks have been

    i was running a lot of shit and not getting blood work, i was in my early 20s. Tren enanthate in the 400-800 range, test in the 700-1200 range, anadrol/winstrol for pre/post cycle, dbol for pre workout lol. the gyno came on slowly over a period of about 4-5 years i think actually. When i was...
  9. nuttz51

    Do not order Hammer anabolics

    you need to try harder and better apparently might have to pay a little extra if its not bath tub gearz
  10. nuttz51

    Controlling gyno and estrogen

    I’m also pretty sure nolva is not an AI. Unless something changed since 4 years ago
  11. nuttz51

    Man what a journey these last 16 weeks have been

    Good work. My first cycle was a lot like this in the matter of many drugs and in high dosages. Honestly it kind of made me addicted and I ended up in like a perma blast mode for 2 years and got gyno lol. Just warning to not do that lol. I’ve since had surgery and learned how to be happy...
  12. nuttz51

    Where are you guys finding your docs?

    I’m reading stuff like guys being able to be open with their docs about taking things other than test and still maintaining a script for test I’m just turning 31 and want to hop on legit TRT and wondering where to look. I’ve talked to defy medical in Florida and they seem legit and sound to...
  13. nuttz51

    Longshot question

  14. nuttz51

    Fastest way to get rid of bubble gut

    you could eat smaller meals
  15. nuttz51

    Blood pressure

    10mg of cialis ed keeps mine low. sometimes too low. and no it doesnt make you horny but you wake up with raging erections that can sometimes be annoying.
  16. nuttz51

    pharm grade testosterone (Euro-Pharmacies?)

    also, i know this a dumb question, but i am just getting back into this game after a long hiatus.
  17. nuttz51

    pharm grade testosterone (Euro-Pharmacies?)

    Is euro-pharmacies brand test as advertised here by PSL actual pharmaceutical grade test? Im just looking at euro pharmacies website and they list all the same products but only show them in ampules that come in boxes of 10. Also the test they show on the site is in 200mg/ml strength, but PSL...
  18. nuttz51

    On HGH... why am I not losing weight?

    Because you are consuming more calories than you are burning
  19. nuttz51

    Cyp in place of Enth

    Used enth for years and when I switched to cyp nips started getting puffy and itchy.
  20. nuttz51

    Pro life? Pro choice?

    I don’t understand the argument about “it’s my body I can chose to do what I want with it” Basically that’s saying we should be able to do whatever we want without consequences ? This is the degradation of humanity.