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    EPO - I never hear it talked about on here

    We offer EPO. Click on our Banner in the sponsor section to view our website for products & pricing. Samson Supplies
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    Where to find British dispensaries or March blue heart dbol.

    We sold the Brittish Dispensary tabs with the dragon on them back around 2010. We have not seen them in a long while. I have not seen the blue heart dbol in years neither. I remember they used to come in blue bottles from Germany. Best dbol I have ever done. They were really popular back in...
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    Good TEST source

    Please check out our products at https://samsonblaster.to/wordpress
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    HCG source???

    Although we prefer to stay in the shadows and do not frequent the boards much, we have been a sponsor here since 2012. We offer quality Hcg with bac water from Livzon. Shipped from U.S.
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    Christmas/new year's holiday sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are running a Christmas/New Year's Holiday sale!!!! Hit us up for our Holiday sales list at samson@securenym.net Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
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    Customer appreciation sale!!!!!!!!!

    Our Customer Appreciation Sale is on again!!!!!! Hit us up for our sales list at samson@securenym.net
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    Customer appreciation sale!!!!

    Very rarely do we run a sale. Hit us up for our "Customer Appreciation Sales List" at samson@securenym.net
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    Looking for clomid source

    We sell clomid in the capsules. Chinese prescription brand in foil packs and box. Our list can be viewed at samson@securenym.net
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    New winter sale!!!

    Hit us up for our special sales list at samson@securenym.net
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    Gh giveaway!!

    The winners are Friendofzeus and Zachsnlisaspack. Guys, shoot me a pm with your mailing addresses. Samson
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    Gh giveaway!!

    Why is our Nomatropin gh product kicking every other sources' asses??????????? Get your blood work done and find out!! We will pick 2 "trusted" members to receive a free 100iu Nomatropin gh kit. The winners MUST agree to everyone on the board to get their gh serum blood levels checked or do a...
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    New list for New Year!!!!!!

    We have lowered the prices on the majority of our oils permanently!! Hit us up for our latest list at samson@securenym.net
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    What source has legit ephedrine?

    Primatene mist tablets at the local drug store. They contain 12.5mg of ephedrine hcl.
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    Rare sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have extended our sale until 12/31/14!!! Hit us up for our list at samson@securenym.net
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    Best A-bombs

    Our nomad lab anadrol is some of the best we have ever done. Check out our list at samson@securenym.net
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    Rare sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Samson Supplies rarely has a sale like this! Shoot us an email to samson@securenym.net and ask for our special Christmas Sales list.
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    Another sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our last sale was such a success that we decided to do it again!!! The sale starts now and ends on Nov. 26 at 6:00pm eastern time. Shoot us an email to samson@securenym.net and ask for our Pre Thanksgiving Sales list!!!
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    Attention!!!!!!! Very important!!!

    Only 2 days left! Get in on this sale before it's too late! Email us at samson@securenym.net