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  1. OddBob

    Board members Trt/cruise protocol

    240 cyp split into 2 doses. No AI Keeps everything on point
  2. OddBob

    Images of empty store shelves?

    Weird stuff here just goes missing for weeks at a time. This week its crinkle french fries, none to be found anywhere, certain cereals, and strangely distilled water.
  3. OddBob

    Pm/new guys

    Good info. Thanks
  4. OddBob

    Pm/new guys

    Thanks, Great post!
  5. OddBob

    💣💣💥 30% sale 💣💣💥

    Try It! You'll Love It!!!!
  6. OddBob

    Have you ever donated blood?

    Donated this week. Keeps my Hematacrit in check and helps people. Have donated for years, most years more frequently than 56 days to keep things rolling.
  7. OddBob

    M.King Monster Log

  8. OddBob

    How Old is Everyone Here?

  9. OddBob

    Newbie on Board

    Hello Everyone. Names OddBob. 30 years lifting, and just getting back into working out regular after a long break due to work, life... Saying Hello everyone and I'm looking to learn from the community. OddBob
  10. OddBob

    ASF Rules-Must Read

    Got it