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  1. Shotta609

    Bizarre Damar Hamlin "appearance"

    I had 2 people die strictly from that shit fake vaccine….. 1 dude I knew since we were 10, 4 kids not over age 6, sat in hospital 30 days went home on 31st day died in his sleep…. All this didn’t start happening till few days after that fake ass vaccine so now it’s not antivax shit…..SMH
  2. Shotta609

    Uncle Z is looking for Loggers

    I don’t know how much blood test are asshole, you need to mind your own business big man
  3. Shotta609

    Uncle Z is looking for Loggers

    Trash, I owe my own business but I’m a bum, keyboard warrior scumbag
  4. Shotta609

    Uncle Z is looking for Loggers

    Who says I do drugs asshole, keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what you talking about
  5. Shotta609

    Uncle Z is looking for Loggers

    Faggot, I just lost my daughter you piece of shit, I had to pay for a funeral scumbag, you think I give a fuck about the free gear ? I was going to do it because nobody else responded you piece of trash
  6. Shotta609

    Uncle Z is looking for Loggers

    Do I get reimburse for the blood test? Not sure how much they and I don’t have insurance
  7. Shotta609

    Lab results on TRT

    100mg a week not going to do much of anything
  8. Shotta609

    Food Prices Soaring!

    New York City 18 eggs 8$, gallon milk 7$, cigarettes 17$, , thank this demented piece of shit so called president
  9. Shotta609

    250mg of test don’t feel anything

    It’s going to take around a month to start to feel anything, if you have trust in your source give it a month
  10. Shotta609

    Poor Joe... Can't Take the Heat.!!

    I hate that pedophile piece of shit, amazes me how nobody took out the trash yet
  11. Shotta609

    Tesos Log

    Wow I didn’t know that stuff was so expensive, them 200 I got for free is highly appreciated
  12. Shotta609

    Tennessee REPUBLICANS draft bill to make CHILD MARRIAGE legal.

    I feel your pain, me and my gf just lost a child last month she was 33 weeks and baby (a girl) lost her heartbeat, all I have is the feet prints. My gf felt no movement in a couple days so we went to the hospital they found no heartbeat . Past month been rough to say the least
  13. Shotta609

    SB, and Azteca Labs

    I’ve used both, both solid
  14. Shotta609

    You see this video? I say hero

    Curious to see what they do to this man, they can’t charge him but you never know with the police