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  1. onebigpump

    Progress is dead

    No you're right. Progress is gay.
  2. onebigpump

    Best gear for running speed?

    I could see how maybe winstrol would be a good choice, but wouldn't the point be to get high levels of rbc without some joint pain? That's why boldenone would be my pick.
  3. onebigpump

    Best gear for running speed?

    EQ is your best bet.
  4. onebigpump

    Introducing new anomynous browser

    Will it be for android? I don't even own a pc..
  5. onebigpump

    Bye ASF!

    Been a nice ride but with all the drama and bullshit. I figured it would be best to go to a different forum and be drama free. Not to mention some mods here clearly don't give a fuck about the customers. Heavy your cool and so is s2h. Tommy your a douche. Sheri not everything mentioned in...
  6. onebigpump

    Advanced Labs Did Me Wrong.

    Advanced is the shadiest lab I have ever seen. Selective scams all the time, tries to get narcotics for his gear to trade. The dude is a delusional nutcase. I only signed in to get my last word out, the mods on this forum are shit and don't give a single FUCK about the customers. As long as...
  7. onebigpump

    ASF Climate as of late?

    Blink not the same without tom. But the new album is still surprisingly good
  8. onebigpump

    Nfl players and steroids

    I always assumed 85-90% of NFL uses aas. Maybe more, Idk.
  9. onebigpump

    A day in the life of an asshole

    Good man. Powerade zero is great! 👍
  10. onebigpump

    Some of you may Remember..

    Yeah i would just go to the police with proof that he has your belongings before he actually gets away with selling it.
  11. onebigpump

    This is who the mods are defending

    Yea im pretty much ready to just log out and never log back on asf. This place is a hell hole.. I will give it a couple more days.
  12. onebigpump


    This.. I was stupid enough to think I would actually get the test c I won.. I was stupid enough to send info one time but being told that there was a mix up and I need to send info again... No thanks especially after seeing how he acts..
  13. onebigpump

    Anyone drive a Prius?

    People still drive Nissan?
  14. onebigpump

    First time trying tren 3, test 400 and clenbuteral...NEED advice

    Just run 500mg test e with an ai for first run. You don't need tren and probably not clen till you at least try test.
  15. onebigpump

    Klonopin vs xanax

    Ehhh best to avoid the benzos in general. But your better off with the kpins. Its half life is long so stopping them had a delayed effect in withdrawals, I detoxed off a 6mg a day. Never detoxed off xanax, but looks way worse
  16. onebigpump


    Take a couple hits of some good bud and hit the gym is fine with me. I find that I can feel the muscle contract way more when I'm a little high. I don't bench when I'm high though.. Don't like the feeling of the bar going thru my hands and feeling it it'll fall on my head lol!
  17. onebigpump

    Currently cutting and looking flat as fuk.. do I even lift...

    Oral gh secratague(sp). Kinda like an oral ghrp-6. Shoots heroin up and makes you hungry as hell so its hard on a deficit. But its my all time favorite research liquid. Works really good
  18. onebigpump

    A day in the life of an asshole

    Looks like clen works good for you, can't stand the stuff especially when I need to do some computer work or pipeline work no homo
  19. onebigpump

    Currently cutting and looking flat as fuk.. do I even lift...

    Its a shotty feel when you feel flat, I threw in some mk677 the last month at 20mg a day and I'm full as fuck on a deficit. But I'm also cunning tren e lol
  20. onebigpump

    3 more cops shot

    Black on black gang violence is a way bigger issue than white cops shooting blacks.. Lots of innocents get killed when those drive by shootings happen. Blacks just find any reason to give us white shame, fuck that. Be proud of being white.