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  1. biggd

    Christmas Eve storms?

    Gonna be 81-83 [emoji3062] here in Southern California with crappy air quality. I will be training both days in my garage gym [emoji123] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. biggd

    Kratom, again…

    Congrats on getting off of it and happy to hear yo are doing so well. I’ve been using Kratom everyday for about 10 months now but I on,y use about 5 to 10 grams per day. For chronic pain when I injured my wrist and shoulder I was using at most 10-20 grams per day. But that was only for about 4...
  3. biggd

    Supplements to boost energy and help with fatigue?

    Kratom definitely helps me train and get motivated when I don’t feel like working out. Personally I do better with green strains because white makes me feel a little on edge. Everyone is different so you gotta test which works best for you. I usually take Green Maeng Da from Pure Life Kratom...
  4. biggd

    New Labs

    Personally I would have started higher then 100mg week. At least start at 150mg per week split into 2-3 doses. Then I would inject into muscle (shoulders and glutes) instead of subq. You can still use 1” insulin needles. Most people prefer into muscle and I know very few people that do subq...
  5. biggd

    Peptides for my shoulder

    For my wrist injury and my shoulder tendinitis I did the following: For the first couple weeks while it was flared up BPC 500mcg 2x per day TB500 3.33mg 3x week = 10mg week 3ius GH per day 200 Testosterone C per week (normally for TRT I take 150mg per week) 175 NPP per week After couple weeks...
  6. biggd

    Just Got Labs Back on 250mg Test C week

    Thanks and some like to still pin 2-3x week or EOD cuz it gives you more stable levels of test so you don’t go up and down as much with less injections. Try it out and it might feel better.
  7. biggd

    What's your TRT dose?

    I’m doing 150mg week of GC Cypionate split MWF.
  8. biggd

    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    You might enjoy the new one since it feels a little different in my opinion. I like it better then the originals.
  9. biggd

    Just Got Labs Back on 250mg Test C week

    I remember those days in TJ and Ensenada as well [emoji23] so many trips [emoji123]
  10. biggd

    How do you message friends?

    Welcome [emoji123]
  11. biggd

    New guy here

    Welcome [emoji123]
  12. biggd

    Just Got Labs Back on 250mg Test C week

    Cool and I’m doing 150mg wk now and will report back my new labs in 6-7 weeks.
  13. biggd


    Welcome back [emoji123]
  14. biggd

    New member

    Welcome [emoji123]
  15. biggd

    New Down under member

    Welcome [emoji123]
  16. biggd

    Whats up! New member here

    Welcome [emoji123]
  17. biggd

    Can’t remember my old password

    Welcome back [emoji123]
  18. biggd

    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    I think I remember them saying something like they weren’t gonna even recognize the newer Star Wars as part of this world. Like those didn’t really exist.
  19. biggd

    Just Got Labs Back on 250mg Test C week

    Cool thanks.
  20. biggd

    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    I remember getting confused after seeing Luke as well and did a search and read this: https://www.toynk.com/blogs/news/when-does-the-mandalorian-take-place