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  1. GJ503

    Un-Sponsored Summer Cycle Log

    I missed ASF over the holidays. I've technically been working 75 hours a week for the last five months. I was covering for a guy at work who was battling kidney cancer and he lost his fight on Dec. 27th. I kept the position so he would not lose his job. Now we can hire someone else though...
  2. GJ503

    Un-Sponsored Summer Cycle Log

    PSL never disappoints. I haven't been on here in a while. Been working more hours than should be humanly possible. Hope you had a good holiday season brother.
  3. GJ503

    Christmas Gifts

    I literally did this. She would have ordered the shit anyway and I'd likely foot most of the bill, so this way I kill two birds with one stone.
  4. GJ503

    Killer Sally

    I have a lot to say on the matter because I know Sally personally. I supported her when she went to board and was a big part of her support network when she came home. She is a survivor but also deeply regrets what she did and that her kids witnessed the killing.
  5. GJ503

    how much can everybody benchpress?

    This would be a good question looking at other variables. Age, height weight, and injuries over the years. Last year on trest I got 315 for 5 and could have got another rep but I didn't have a spotter. I haven't tried my one rep max since I blew out my shoulder in my early 30s.
  6. GJ503

    Customer Complaint

    Refund was posted. Thank you Vision, Wes and Steroidify! Again, I have made a half dozen successful orders with Steroidify. I'm guessing the issues were related to the conflict in Ukraine which may be impacting orders coming from that region.
  7. GJ503

    Customer Complaint

    Thank you Vision and Wes! I hate airing this shit on a public forum.
  8. GJ503


    I have six half-brothers. Three on my mom's side and three on my dad's. We have always been a really close family on my dad's side but a bit distant on my mom's. I have two cousins who lift and introduced me to AAS. One just passed two weeks ago and today was his service. He was on here as...
  9. GJ503

    Customer Complaint

    In five years on ASF this is my first public complaint against a sponsor. I've had quite a few good experiences with Steroidify over the years, especially when I won a few of their promo auctions. In February I ordered some products from Duce. First shipment never made it to this side of the...
  10. GJ503

    What is the funniest things/stories you have ever seen in a gym??

    I saw a guy squatting 275 completely bow to the iron. Did not know the body could contort like that. It was like a yoga child's pose with his feet still on the ground. It was on a prison weight pile and they installed safety bars after that.
  11. GJ503

    Back on the Trest train starting this weekend. I just can't get enough:)

    Ran an unsponsored log with GC trest and 50mg EOD was my sweet spot. I kept test low throughout the cycle (100mg test iso X2 EW). Idog, be prepared to get strong af.
  12. GJ503

    Starving Cancer...

    My uncle was give 6 months to live over a decade ago. Stopped all sugar intake and began a plant based diet and he has fully recovered. He also went through some painful chemotherapy, but credits his recovery with diet and exercise in combination with traditional medicine.
  13. GJ503


    I had the same problem. I would unconsciously tear off the mask in the middle of the night. Probably used the thing a half dozen times in 6 months.
  14. GJ503

    Unofficial ASF Confessions Thread

    Nah. Just youth, impulsivity, and a few pounds of pressure on a trigger. Also an ability to tell when a mother fucker is shady.
  15. GJ503

    Best indian pharmacy

    Ultima and Deus are both good, but I've had issues with Deus getting here. Had 3 orders that didn't even make it to the states. Don't know where they ship from but it is unreliable.
  16. GJ503

    ZPHC Vs EP

    I've run EP a few times and the results were always great (Test e and c, Sust, Mast P and E, Tren E, and Deca) Ran a bunch of their orals too. My wife did a clen & var cycle and the results were spot on. Also posted bloods on here while running 500mg sust EW and they were on point.
  17. GJ503

    Unofficial ASF Confessions Thread

    I related to DD. Spent years putting needles in my body to look like shit and feel like shit, and now I put needles in my body in an attempt to reach the peak of human potential. I also put OO Buck in a black dude who was trying to rob a friend for 20k in weed. I'd like to think I'm not...
  18. GJ503

    Local vs International

    I've run both and could tell no difference between the two. Int takes a little longer but the price is better.
  19. GJ503

    Trump + JAN 6th insurrection

    Thank you Wes. Back home and trying to make it work. The threat from my wife is still in the back of my mind and is a red line that I told myself I would never forgive, but I want my marriage to work. She wants me to get on trt, which my doc is on board with. Just have to keep the occasional...
  20. GJ503

    Trump + JAN 6th insurrection

    So Epps was an agent provocateur but the people who went in were Trump supporters or Antifa? I have a hard time following this. Trump said they were special people and we love them three hours after the Capitol was being attacked. Truth is you all were lied to about voter fraud by a thin...