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  1. RAINier

    Gear and mind games

    Still alive! Life is busy :)
  2. RAINier

    Body fat or Gyno?

    This^^. Lift and eat healthy. You can solve most of this.
  3. RAINier

    Body fat or Gyno?

    They both naturally lower estrogen when part of your diet (as do the other brassica family vegetables). They're also incredibly filling, which makes weight loss easier. Weight loss + low estrogen will help reduce estrogenic fat deposits (hips, chest, thighs)
  4. RAINier

    Injectable orals

    You still get the other negatives. E.g. blood pressure and trashed lipids. Some of them (e.g. oral Winnie) also sting like a motherfucker.
  5. RAINier

    Sourcing DHT

    DHT cream sounds interesting. I'd be curious to know who stocks it. PM me if you have leads.
  6. RAINier

    Gear and mind games

    Sumner - drop tren (if you're on it) and cut back to a TRT dose. If you're a naturally aggressive dude, you don't want to be mixing drink, natural aggressiveness and steroids. Plenty of good innocent guys end up in jail with that combination.
  7. RAINier

    Body fat or Gyno?

    Drop some weight, eat tons of cabbage and broccoli, work upper chest. Trust me on this.
  8. RAINier

    Injectable orals

    Less liver toxicity, meaning you can take them for longer periods of time and in higher doses without trashing your liver. Honestly, it's not worth messing around with.
  9. RAINier

    Summer: do you guys sweat constantly?

    Yes. Muscle generates a lot of heat just doing nothing.
  10. RAINier

    any experience with adderall?

    For bodybuilding? Addictive, dehydrating and catabolic.
  11. RAINier

    Complete and total FNG here

    Welcome! Nice to have you here :)
  12. RAINier


    what s2h said^^. Kratom might be worth a shot. You're not going to find anything else on this forum, because then you venture into way more risky territory. Darknets are your best shot.
  13. RAINier

    First cycle critique

    Aromasin is a suicidal inhibitor. Meaning it binds to the estrogen, and essentially "kills" it. Arimidex is a non-suicidal inhibitor. It binds to the estrogen temporarily, so when you stop taking it, there is a "rebound" period where you have heighted estrogen. It's also easier to keep your...
  14. RAINier

    Curious on how to start a cycle

    Wait until you're 20/21. Your endocrines are GOLDEN right now for gains. Don't fuck them up for life.
  15. RAINier

    Russian Doll?

    Are you sure one of your friends isn't screwing with you?
  16. RAINier

    Been in the game for 25 years but new to ASF

    Welcome! Great to have you and your knowledge here.
  17. RAINier

    Organic Junk food is still just junk food

    Yes, the macros are bad, but the Justin's one is definitely the better pick, if you look at the ingredient list. At least there are real peanuts and chocolate in there, which do have some minor health benefits...
  18. RAINier

    Sashimi for protein

    I hate to burst your bubbles guys, but uncooked means the protein is less bioavailable! Absolutely delicious though, I love sushi/sashimi.
  19. RAINier

    Fillet and strip anyone??

    Looks delicious. I'm all about the ribeye though!