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    Leftover Agent Supply

    Figured that was the case but just wanted to double check
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    Leftover Agent Supply

    Say a friend had quite a bit of old agent stash of tren ace, tren e, and mast but it is 1-3 years old on some. Would this still be good to use? Just boil he vials to help sterilize or get rid of any crystals that may have formed?
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    ~~~New Years Resolution - What can Really happen~~~

    Nice work man! Way to bust your ass
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    ~~~New Years Resolution - What can Really happen~~~

    Excellent transformation! Stellar products but he busted his ass to get in that type of shape im sure
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    ~~~New Years Resolution - What can Really happen~~~

    Wow! Athena made huge progress! Looking great and keep up the good work. I'm impressed
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    ~~~New Years Resolution - What can Really happen~~~

    Thanks jersey! It's been a long ten weeks but I'm excited to see what the next ten bring!
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    ~~~New Years Resolution - What can Really happen~~~

    Thanks Pitt. I've been busting my ass. Just started clean refeed last week. Think I'm getting the flu because I feel like shit today but well get through
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    ~~~New Years Resolution - What can Really happen~~~

    I'm ten weeks out from my finished product. ALL AY!
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    Got my AY Order, T3 & Clen to Cut. Follow Along Here. (Gear Porn)

    I read your response and the way I interpreted it was that your doing everything right and even with the high doses there are still no results. Not bashing you, but just the way it's worded you make it sound like the product is bunk. I think your diet is key and that's soley based of what you...
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    Wtf....tennis elbow

    What old J said, only time. But you could ice and stretch, plus lay off any exercise that causes any remote discomfort
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    Got my AY Order, T3 & Clen to Cut. Follow Along Here. (Gear Porn)

    First off I have no idea how your running her T3 and clen that high! I couldn't get past the minimal doses it was that strong. Secondly, anytime your diets not in check, none of her products will be utilized to their full potential. Not to mention your drinking alcohol? Rather then...
  12. Q

    Where to get legit hcg?

    agent yes is legit. I'm running it as we speak. HCG is usually not bunk as its fairly cheap.
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    Got a question???? Can anyone help?

    THIS, but make sure you have blood work to back it up. Too many scammers out there so there should be some evidence to prove the source wrong. Like Roids said, smart move by not sourcing or bashing
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    Stuck in a rut and need some advice

    I'd continue with a low dose test and AI. 4 weeks is enough time to PCT, but if your going to turn around and cut you might as well keep chugging. Maybe add some HCG with the low dose test? That's if I read your question right. Btw, thanks for your service and I'm glad to see you coming home
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    Fucking Annoying.....

    Ya I hear ya. But I usually just shrug them off as soon as I see their post count is one. I know which sources are great so I don't care, but it could be deceptive for new users. We should make the review section for people with 50 posts or more. That should get rid of some of the bullshit
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    Test prop/ tren ace pinning advise and suggestions

    Depending in your prop it should flow through a 25 gauge. 1-1/2 inches depending in the site injected. Try to heat the area you are going to inject with a shower, heating pad, and or a massage. Also try heating the vial under some hot water before or in the barrel after you draw it. If you...
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    Back in action

    Weird!! I was just going to start a thread wondering where the hell you were. Good to see ya back, but I hope shots good on the home front as well. I know ya have a lot of PMs, but ill shoot ya one later. I need some advice!
  18. Q

    mlg bogus service

    MLG and their reps are more then solid. Guys have to think before they type shit. If your airing dirty laundry without going through the proper steps then you need to re read the stickies of this thread.
  19. Q

    Please help me. I am not happy with my current condition.

    I actually felt great doing cardio on tren and that was 700 mgs a week. Everyone is different, but you have to push through it like Icon said.