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  1. Tmart

    new guy here

    MM what’s up boss! !! Is custom really still missing? I gotta start getting on here again And how the fuck do I go back to the full site on my phone, this mobile view thing sucks
  2. Tmart

    Vacation and Upcoming Sale

    It’s time for me to reload, on some GC test iso and NPP right now. Gotta load up on some proviron
  3. Tmart

    What temperature do you keep your house at?

    I live where it gets over 100 for weeks at a time in summer. My thermostat is set for 77 and if I go lower it runs 24/7 and you’ll pay close to a grand a month for energy costs. All you guys that get to do 70 are lucky lol
  4. Tmart

    King kong, cut stack, test e/ tren e blend now offering in 50ml jugs

    The only complaint about the jugs in my experience is the condition of the stopper by the time you get to the end of the jug. I would like that test e/tren e blend, and it I ran 2mls a week of it id be punching a hole in the stopper 50 times…it would be nice to have it in a bulk container but...
  5. Tmart

    January Sale has been extended into Feb!

    Time to do my bi annual load up I think lol. Sending my email now
  6. Tmart

    It’s been awhile!!!

    How’s all the usual characters doing??? It’s been a while, oil is doing great and I’ve been busy. Trying to get a gym workout in when I can but I have been slacking lately lol. Just missed all the guys, can we get some more trannies and other discussion here in the pit?!? Seems like it’s all...
  7. Tmart

    What’s up Custom, you alright brotha??

    But I hope all is well custom if you see this, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you bud!! There are a lot of things more important then fantasy football so no worries
  8. Tmart

    What’s up Custom, you alright brotha??

    Well to each their own!! Love football and I’m counting down the days til the season starts
  9. Tmart

    What’s up Custom, you alright brotha??

    That’s what I’m saying man, y’all gotta knock me off!! If we don’t do a league I’m the champ again by default ;)
  10. Tmart

    What’s up Custom, you alright brotha??

    You still lurk around here or what bro?? My fantasy leagues firing up has me thinking about you, I hope life is going better for you lately and that we can get our own started again!!
  11. Tmart

    Painting my Ram 1500 in Bedliner

    In my experience bedliner products aren’t a good idea on vehicles. It looks like shit after a while and it’s a ton of added weight. I know of people who’s doors couldn’t shut right because the added weight caused them to sag
  12. Tmart

    Yet another successful TD

    I’m only part time queer now wtf bro
  13. Tmart

    Yet another successful TD

    I’ve been with strictly GC for a while now and I just received my pack in record time and it looks great, as it always does. Don’t hesitate to jump on it, thanks GC!
  14. Tmart

    Hey guys

    yeah man these guys are killing my bodybuilding gains lol it’s been 100 minimum out here for a couple weeks now. Peaked at 114 the other day. Working on an oil rig is physical work and I can’t even begin to eat enough to put on more weight, and then training is a drag!! Really hard to find the...
  15. Tmart

    Hey guys

    what’s up bro!! They’re working me into the ground, can’t complain too much though. How have you been??
  16. Tmart

    Hey what does everyone have planned for this weekend?

    Going to a baseball game! That’s in the afternoon, who knows what I’ll do when I’m done with that, maybe some drinks sone where
  17. Tmart

    Hey guys

    Missed you custom, I haven’t been posting too much but still come on time to time and have definitely wondered where you were and how you’ve been. Sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through, that’s terrible man. Take all the time you need, hope to talk to you soon boss
  18. Tmart

    Gearchurch Order Process-Please Read

    havent gone anywhere else in a long time and I won’t until they close up shop or things aren’t the same. Which I have no worries about happening, love gc
  19. Tmart

    Gearchurch Order Process-Please Read

    I’m getting ready for a big big order, can’t wait!!
  20. Tmart

    Whats the highest your E2 has been?

    Are you worried about your lipids or any negative health issues from running an AI long term?? I have to run about the same doses and it worries me constantly taking aromasin and never giving my body a break from it even between blasts