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    Quality product and fast shipping

    What more can you get from these guys? Great communication, excellent prices, and fast shipping. I appreciate you guys like always!
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    I appreciate the fast service

    Just to want to drop appreciation for the fast service, excellent communication, and top-quality product!
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    $$Big Sale$$ @ ironlion

    Ahhh yes perfect timing as I am on my last kit! Loving the sale.
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    Shout out to Ironlion and especially Rehh

    Posting this late so I apologize, but man nothing but positive reviews for Ironlion-Lab. Seems like everyone was hyping up the orange tops, so I figured I would take advantage of the 4th sale and make a first time purchase. Have not started it yet, but I have no doubt that they will be amazing...
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    Another TD!

    Just wanted to say thanks for making the process super easy with bitcoin, and the fast shipping . Looking forward to running your gear!
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    First order and new to Ace!

    Just placed an order for the Acetropin. Excited to try Ace, and looks like it has nothing but great reviews!
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    What's more efficient for a workout routine???

    Thanks for the response! I like your method and will have to try that as well. I guess when i start to experiment it seems to start to get into my head, and then i go down a deep rabbit hole lol.
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    What's more efficient for a workout routine???

    I am sure this has to do with people goals, but what do you think is a better way to gain muscle and "trick your muscles." 1. Keep the same type of workouts and change the reps (Heavy one week, Drop-sets another week, Eccentric / Concentric another week etc...) 2. Keep the same reps and change...
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    Western Union asking too many questions

    Thanks for the responses! Yeah I just went to my local grocery store, and the girl didn't even look like a manager. She was just nosy as hell. But it got me thinking if they are even allowed to ask these questions. I guess i can understand if the money was going to a terrorist nation or...
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    Western Union asking too many questions

    Just wondering how many of you fellas had a WU worker ask about the person you were sending your money to. I had this happen to me last time around, and was asking me if I was from Russia, and if I knew this person. I politely told them to mind their damn business. Is this legal for them to...
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    Training splits

    I like to do a body part each day. Monday - Chest, Tuesday - Arms, Wednesday - Back, Thursday - Shoulders, Friday - Legs, Saturday - Chest / Arms, Sunday - Back / Shoulders I incorporate legs three times of the week and also abs at least three as well. Cardio for me has been my downfall.
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    Calves do respond to strength training

    I see what you are saying. I will have to throw that in the mix. I think that was also my issue was going heavy, and not having proper form. It just always pisses me off when i see these fat slobs have enormous calves when I am sitting here with string beans haha. Thanks for the tip brotha!
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    Calves do respond to strength training

    Although you can make them grow, is it true that you are still limited to genetics because of the muscle its self? I am 6'3 and have always been cursed with skinny calves.
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    New member! To this website at least.

    Thanks for the responses brothers. Excited to be apart of the forum.
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    New member! To this website at least.

    Yeah man that's exactly how I felt. Just felt like the only person who posted anything was the Admin. lol
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    New member! To this website at least.

    Hey guys just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. was on Ironmagazineforums, but wanted to switch. I like this website a lot better.