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    Gear Church service

    GC was the fastest turn around and great communication.. very impressed!
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    Good.. ;P
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    Proviron and Cialas.. Seriously, FASTER than amazon! I was shocked, where im at, shit always takes days longer than what amazon promises.. #GC4LIFE!!! Thanks fellas!
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    Sxript anavar test results... not good

    I agree 100% Jaxz! I just did my research and I wasnt feeling the way people described when they took var.. even when I took 50-75 of this.. No sweaty palms, pumps were good.. but was just skeptical. Again, I could be wrong about this test and the test could be wrong too. Just wanted to post the...
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    Sxript anavar test results... not good

    Yea i did the right waiting times. the test B sample never changed.. was red like that even after waiting 15m. I waited 15 on test C like it says to do and thats what it looked like.. test B is WAY off.. not even close. Test C was kinnda the color it needed to be.. but then got to a different...
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    Sxript anavar test results... not good

    Yea for sure. I think their test-e is on point maybe over/under but its smooth AF. Im assuming its dbol, cus your right.. winny wouldn't add that much that quick. My diet is on point and im actually in a slight deficit to shed alil BF. Just sucks cus who knows how much dbol or whatever this is...
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    Sxript anavar test results... not good

    Well, Im not a lab and cant run test like they do, but i did order a test kit for oxandrolone (anavar) and even tho it might not be 100% accurate, the color should be somewhat close to what its suppose to be and its not even close! From the looks of it and reviewing the color chart it looks like...
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    If you need a good laugh!!

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    EXACTLY what I was gonna say. It helped me stop cig in 2 weeks, Cus the first week you can still smoke away, but by the second week, you wont even wanna cig... you just wont! Its crazy, I got some crazy ass dreams where I would like scream in my sleep in shit cus the dreams were SO real.. wasnt...
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    Question about GW-501516

    thats whats up! I thought it was a winner after I did my research. thanks for confirming! - - - Updated - - - Thanks! Gonna give it a go for sure!
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    New to ASF

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    New female member

    Welcome to ASF
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    New Here

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    Mr Insensitve The NOOB

    Welcome home!!
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    Question about GW-501516

    Yea I watched Greg D's vid on it and says its alot safer than clen or t3, ive seen a few vids on it and every one of them say how amazing it is. But I do here it can make you want to go alot harder than you normally would which could lead to injury, cus your body might not be able to handle what...
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    Oh shit my bad. I read it wrong, thought he said gc.. sucks getting old and losing your vision.. :/ :nope: :nerd:
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    Really? Cus ive heard great things about them and they got back to me with the quickness. Even saw dude post his labs from their stuff.
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    Question about GW-501516

    What up fellas... Ill try to keep this short. Its regarding GW-501516. Im going to run test-e 500/week with anavar here in a month or so and just curious if I could run GW for the next month to shed some body fat before I cycle? Is a month enough time to see some decent results? Ive done my...
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    Glad to be here

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    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    Lmfao, yup, that about sums it up! :banghead::roflmao: