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  1. heckler7

    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    next time you watch news or even weather, notice how the weather is brought to you by pfizer, or local news brought to you by "insert whoever" then it becomes dont piss off our sponsors rather than get the truth out
  2. heckler7

    Random and Useless Thoughts

    I think you posted in the wrong thread
  3. heckler7

    I'm not a robot

    a new level of spam has formed
  4. heckler7

    Dream Jobs

    sign me up, I bet that guy is never late to work
  5. heckler7

    Democrats are the dumbest...

    greatest country in the world, you can come here as a refugee, become a politician, marry your brother and speak ill of this country. try that anywhere else, women arent even allowed outside without their husband or son in muslim countries
  6. heckler7

    Bada$$ mom

    got off easy in my opinion
  7. heckler7


  8. heckler7

    Thinking of opening a new gym...

    I'm opening up a restaurant called Tacos de Mexico, we only serve NY style pizza
  9. heckler7

    More dystopian tech that will soon be everywhere....

    so years ago they went door to door and marked exact gps locations to each house, now thru the router they know exactly where you are inside for more accurate targeting
  10. heckler7

    Trump indicted and going to prison!

    anything on social media will be interpreted in 100 ways
  11. heckler7

    Horrific songs

  12. heckler7

    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    is Joe a demented granpa? if so is he really to blame for any of this or should we be asking who his handlers are and blame them. or is Joe just and evil mastermind playing a demented granpa, like cmon man could a demented granpa really pull all this off. meanwhile he is!
  13. heckler7

    USA hits debt ceiling

    every year at the end of the fiscal year we had to spend every dollar of our budget, admin said if we dont spend it they will take it and lower our budget. thats responsible government for yinz
  14. heckler7

    USA hits debt ceiling

    no worries we can print more
  15. heckler7

    Money Transfers are Monitored

    amazon purchase of metamucil gummies
  16. heckler7

    San Francisco panel says that each black resident should get 5 million dollars in reparations

    interesting to see people postulate over things that neither concern them or would ever happen
  17. heckler7

    Greta Thunberg Hoax (again)

    is that a food tho, cause mexicans easily trump that with quac, and dude claimed mexicans IQ is low, pfft you can put quac on anything too, burgers pizza and literally the delivery vehicle the tortilla chip far better than stale pita bread
  18. heckler7

    Greta Thunberg Hoax (again)

    if they are so smart, why does their food suck, they litterly have nothing notable beyond begals
  19. heckler7

    Scent of the day

    del taco farts
  20. heckler7

    San Francisco panel says that each black resident should get 5 million dollars in reparations

    would be interesting to see if people invest in their communities or move out, anyone know a good source for MT2