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  1. roidboy

    Order Received

    I just received my order from DG. As always come fast with the best quality products. Been using these guys for years and they never let me down.
  2. roidboy

    CP Test

    Another order. Happy customer here. Most professional provider I've deal with.
  3. roidboy

    Zphc hgh

    Sharing a little TD. Thanks DG!
  4. roidboy

    Canada Peptides

    CP and Alpha are both good.
  5. roidboy

    Canada Peptides

    Over the years I've used 5 or 6 different types of CP oils and their GH, all good. Rans test a few times on their Test and came back on point.
  6. roidboy

    New Stock Updates!

    Good selection
  7. roidboy

    amazing service!!! And Products!

    They don't carry all the blends but I really like Spectrum products.
  8. roidboy

    Can't beat it

    Drugs Gear is a top-tier supplier. Highest quality, service, and communication.
  9. roidboy

    1st order -

    Spectrum is my favorite brand from DG.
  10. roidboy

    susamed -

    Get with DrugsGear or Adhome. I've used that susts and it checked out good for me.
  11. roidboy

    first td

    DG is top shelf gear and service.
  12. roidboy

    Stock Updates!!

    Going to try some Balkan Primo
  13. roidboy

    Wellbutrin (bupropion)

    Anyone have a good source for Wellbutrin (bupropion)?
  14. roidboy

    Payment Options

    Can't go wrong with Dg.
  15. roidboy

    1st time ordering with drugs gear

    ZHPC is good stuff.
  16. roidboy

    Is Pharmacom Anavar legit?

    I think this guy is a troll or is a little goofy in the head. It's like buying batteries at Walmart and going to Target to complain about them not working. I've been using drugs gear stuff for a few years and always happy. And i always got good results for pharmacom gear.
  17. roidboy

    Is Pharmacom Anavar legit?

    Drugs Gear and their products are 100% g2g. Used them for years.
  18. roidboy

    Why is there no news coverage on this shit! This is upsetting and will piss you off.

    I read that the preditor was there because he tested positive for Coronavirus, sounds crazy but I read it in multiple publications. The victim was also a vet. There is another video of him beating an elderly female resident with an aerosol can.
  19. roidboy


    Thanks for letting us know. That's some top-grade pharma HGH numbers.
  20. roidboy


    In my opinion, balkan orals are some of the best I've had.