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    Old Guys Running Tren...WTF.!!!

    Hey Wiseguy! How do you manage the cough?
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    Old Guys Running Tren...WTF.!!!

    200MG TREN E/TEST E/MAST E and 250MG DECA WK. The heartburn is annoying and the sleep is just a little bit off, but loving it otherwise. 51yo 1st time running Tren. i do my Tren subq and not a single instance of the coughs!
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    Old Guys Running Tren...WTF.!!!

    My current blast is 200TE/200MastE/250 Deca/200 TrenE. The heartburn is real lol. The sleep isn't the best, but I can hang. No real mental sides to speak of. I do get the sweats after I eat carbs, almost like DNP does to people. 1st tren cycle for me, 51yo. Overall, I feel pretty good...
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    Old Guys Running Tren...WTF.!!!

    I just started a blast. 200mmg test e/200mg mast/ 250mg deca and you guessed it, 200mg tren e. Starting it at 100mg week to feel it out though.
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    Planning and Epic Come Back..Last Run

    Looks good Z! However, I would strongly caution you against using anything related to growth hormone. Being a cancer survivor myself, gh(secetagogues) and cancer are a really bad combo. Good luck bro!
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    Prostate Supplement

    I know you said OTC, but I don't know if you get your meds from a clinic, or on your own. However, 5mg a day of Cialis keeps any BPH flare ups that I've had, well under control. Also helps keep BP down, too.
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    Four Weeks Out

    Kill it brother!
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    Testosterone Testing Is Completely Bogus

    So, when is treating menopause in women going to become vilified and estrogen labeled a schedule III drug, as well? Just curious, of course. lol
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    Survey Time

    1. Me 2. Mastiff71 3. Max :roflmao:
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    Who's Having to Back Up..???

    The past few years for me have been rough. I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer. Lost that kidney, so now I'm rolling with just one. Thank god I had a spare one! lol My normal hematocrit sits between 51 and 55, thankfully it's asymptomatic. Cholesterol is up very slightly, not too...
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    Bodybuilder 90´s vs now?

    God, how I miss Ultimate Orange and Hot Stuff! lol
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    Best gear

    I hadn't heard about that. What came back underdosed? I'm using their test e and their dbol. The dbol is legit, even at 30mg a day, it's definitely hitting. I grabbed it when they had a 50% off sale, so the price wasn't bad at all.
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    Best gear

    Currently running Satan Pharma from Blackroids.com. Happy with the product. I'm probably going to give Juicepal a try when I restock. It never hurts to have multiple sources. You never know when someone will be out of stock!
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    Japan makes Anamorelin Hcl 50mg Tablet / Adlumiz[emoji2401]

    Thanks Max. I was sitting here scratching my head like, "WTF???!!!" I'm going to stay far away. Better safe than sorry. Beat it once, I doubt I would be that lucky the second time around. I'm secretly jealous of those who can run it, though.
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    Best for mass and low mental sides?

    PSL sells that TRT plus mix. It's Test and Masteron, iirc. 1cc twice a week, with 30-50mg/day of Dbol and 50mg/day of proviron will have you right as rain!
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    Japan makes Anamorelin Hcl 50mg Tablet / Adlumiz[emoji2401]

    This seems a little crazy to me. It says it is made for cachexia wasting due to cancer, but people who have had cancer should go nowhere near igf1, or gh because it will cause tumors and cancer cells to increase at an alarming rate. I'm so confused by this. lol
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    Thick or Thin?

    I want nudes, not xrays!!
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    Asian Fever

    Fuuuuuuuuuu..................I need to find me a thick fit asian girl. One who's lo-meintenance!!:roflmao:
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    What Country Would You Relocate To?

    I'd probably move somewhere low-key, with decent food and moderate weather, where they don't hate Americans. I'm thinking Spain.