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  1. DCThegreattt2

    Primo 200 HPLC Report

    Currently running the primo. Definitely smooth as butter!!!
  2. DCThegreattt2


    Another successful order received today. Transitioning into my contest prep in a couple days. Grateful to be using SB’s products. I’m excited to use the Primo 200. Will be posting labs in a couple weeks. Thank you Sb for the great communication and overall service!!!
  3. DCThegreattt2

    Let's hear some feedback!

    I ran the Balkan Clen and when I tell you that shit is strong. Felt it within 30 min but very effective!!!
  4. DCThegreattt2

    SB Proviron?

    Going to snag some in my next order !
  5. DCThegreattt2

    Pharma grade t3 and clen

    Going to have to give that clen a try on my next cycle lol
  6. DCThegreattt2

    Super bowl weekend

    Bengals since rams beat my niners [emoji2959] lol
  7. DCThegreattt2

    1st order and many more to come!

    I would have to say this was one of the smoothest orders I have had in here. Within 24hrs I received my tracking info. My order got to me lightening fast with a goodie attached to it. Took advantage of their Jan promo on the anavar. Thanks SB!!!
  8. DCThegreattt2


    fast shipping***
  9. DCThegreattt2


    S/o to flash for the goodies. Pick up some test and npp. Super fast shi IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20211230/cb13c8b7342d6cd82e833db4c8137cd0.jpg[/IMG]
  10. DCThegreattt2

    Flash Needs a Ho Ho SALE! (33% OFF)

    Grabbed some goodies from this deal. Can’t wait to try them out.
  11. DCThegreattt2

    Great service!

    Thank you Ace for the great service. Customer service is A1 along with shipping. Thank you Bones!
  12. DCThegreattt2

    Thank you!

    S/o to King for another great T/D
  13. DCThegreattt2

    VS Helios by Gear Church

    Following! [emoji1491]
  14. DCThegreattt2

    Your personal EQ experience...

    I ran EQ numerous of times. Never had the blood pressure issues that some get or the other sides. It’s a love hate relationship when it’s brought up. Some will vouch for it some won’t. Depends on the person and how they respond. Unfortunately from my experiences you do have to run it high to get...
  15. DCThegreattt2

    Your personal EQ experience...

    I’m a big fan of EQ. It makes me super vascular once it kicks in. Slow and steady agains. Me personally from trial and error never really seen great results at 400-500mg. IMO at 1 gram is when it shines.
  16. DCThegreattt2

    Order Placed

    Your in good hands. Kings shipping+ products are A1!
  17. DCThegreattt2

    Request a Product List Here

    List please!
  18. DCThegreattt2

    New product

    Got some a few days ago. Will be doing a review soon.