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    What's going on with research chem websites?

    Scariest words in the English language, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
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    What's going on with research chem websites?

    Anyone got a coupon code for ma research?
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    What's going on with research chem websites?

    I haven't been logged on in a long time and boy has this place changed. Seems like most this place gets very little traffic anymore. I usually log on every couple of months but life has gotten in the way. With that said, what's the best research chem place for mt2 now days? I looked at RUI and...
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    IMR legit?

    I have used mt2, adex, and tada all with good results. I'm a red head with fair skin and burn easy but the mt2 gets me tan. I'm in need of some more but the whole e-check thing has me worried as I'm not a fan of that. I then see the issues people have been having and I'm concerned.
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    Vit. b12 injectable and uses

    I'm on b12 and noticed that I don't get sick near as often as when I wasn't taking it. It's never gave me an insane amount of energy boost but I did notice a little pep in my step.
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    Drinking on cycle?

    I haven't touched a sip of alcohol since Christmas and started my cycle in February. Test/tren. I've got a wedding this weekend and while I didn't plan on getting belligerently drunk, I was planning on letting loose some. This thread now has me contemplating my choices for Saturday. FWIW, I...
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    Erection quality while running Tren?

    I'm also experiencing lasting longer than normal/hard time to cum. It's OK, I spit on my dick or use some lube and just keep pounding away and either fake it or actually cum. The amounts of cum I normally shoot are on the smaller side since I've done nothing for fertility in 2 years so she...
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    Skinnys 2016 stuff

    Hey skinny, any update photos?
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    Erection quality while running Tren?

    400mg tren e per week and I'm on 5th week. I'm fucking or beating off every night. If I miss a night, I wake up like a pit bull with his thing hanging out. The wife is enjoying the ride every night.
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    Tren Ace Side Effects. Who gets them bad?!

    I'm on tren e and I'm on my 5th week. I sleep in basically underarmour shorts or free ball it I'm so hot. Luckily I'm not seeing any aides other than being hot at night. I'm on 400mg/week
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    Question for the guys

    I have my own ways of dealing with what my wife did but I want to hear what your s/o actually did. Mine was pretty miniscule but I still had a hard time with it
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    Bustin a nut

    My wife refuses to swallow but let's me cream her pussy every time. She says she like going to work with my cum inside her and running down her leg.
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    First Cougar Experience

    Pussy is like a drug. Good pussy is like finding that perfect buzz that you can never seen to find again.
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    Thought I'd give it a shot!

    I'm learning this as well. If I get off early from work I'll try to at least start dinner and pick up the house. Seems like she's in a better mood.
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    Can you have too much sex

    I'm loving my tren e ride so far. If I don't get off twice a day I'm going crazy by the end of the night. Something about this tren is making me last a hell of alot longer than normal which I'm not complaining one bit. I've fucked the wife 8x in the last week and we haven't done that since we...
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    My first blood test.

    In for test results. I'm on bsr test at 300mg and tren e at 400mg/week.
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    First Cougar Experience

    I'm currently trying to hook up with a 45 year old. I'm 29.:winkfinger:
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    Increased aggression on tren e

    I'm taking her to dinner tonight and I'm going to get her a few stiff drinks and wreck her again tonight. I feel like I'm on crack when I'm fucking.
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    Increased aggression on tren e

    The only side effects I'm seeing in my wife walking bow legged. I have literally pounded her into the ground 4x this week and I'm never coming off this shit. I'm on week 2 and seeing no negative side on a 300mg test/400mg tren e per week.
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    So how many of you guys are on TRT?

    I went from barely making it through the day without a nap and going to bed by 8 to working 12 hard hours and still hitting the gym at 8pm. Weight loss didn't happen because I'm eating more and lifting more but I sure am alot leaner. It's a world of difference and I stockpile test to kill the...