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    AI and Tren

    Is AI always recommend on a Tren cycle, or just to have on hand in case of side effects? If taking during a cycle, what dosage do yall usually stick with?
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    Water Retention

    Another question about bloating, this is my first Test Enanthate cycle, doing 500mg, at 39 yrs old. Currently on week 9 and have gained 25 lbs, without really changing my diet. I have been eating clean with high protein, about 1 to 1.5 g/lb daily. I know it cant be fat, I still fit in my pants...
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    Stack Anavar/Winstrol

    Anyone ever stack Winstrol/Anavar? What were your dosages? Results?
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    Is there a preference between Arimidex or Aromasin to have in hand, just in case? What about the OTC stuff, like HI Tech Pharm Arimistane? Would this be ok?
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    Test/Anavar Cycle

    Better to take Test a few weeks before Anavar or start at the same time? Also, if doing Anavar cycle with Test, do PCT 2 weeks after Test or take at another time? Thanks
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    Anavar/Test Source

    Hello yall, Noob here, 38 YOA and looking for my first cycle and leaning towards Anavar and Test. Any recommendations on a source? Just want this to be a smooth transaction and get legit stuff. Thanks!