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    How's your December going?

    I'm an avid runner as well. What are your go-to PED's for athletic performance and enhanced recovery?
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    Help with cycle to an older person 55

    What do you dose your tbol at? I'm an avid runner and never tried tbol. I usually stick with anavar.
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    Good bg monitor

    Just bought one last week from Amazon. Haven't had any issues with it. It's called Active Forward BG monitoring system.
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    Deca-older guys friend or foe?

    I agree! I'm 54 and run 125mg of deca in the background all year round. No more joint supps for me while running it at 125mg. I love deca as well!
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    I'm 54 and test and deca makes me feel good.
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    IronLion Feedback

    Are they "in town"?
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    Micro dosing trt

    test cyp. For me 210 mg puts me at 1100 for free test and estro at 25 with no ai or other compounds mixed in. I've been doing it this way for years. Wake up, put the vial in warm water for a few min, inject IM.
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    Micro dosing trt

    same with me, 30mg every day.
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    Gear Pro primo was blind hplc tested in 2019 through Jano. Came back as legit primo and actually tested over.
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    Monster Labs

    I believe they were blind hplc tested a year ago over on ansci board, their test 400 came up a little short, nothing too crazy though
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    First Order in a pinch

    Are you adding dhb to your trt? I typically run low dose add ons as well such as low dose mast and primo. I have a bunch of dhb and I thinking of adding that someday to my trt. What dose of dhb you running right now?
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    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

    interested as well. Have you tried it? If so how does it compare to modafinil?
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    GYMnTONIC adderal/noopept

    My personal favorite is alpha mood that wes sells, 2 of those on an empty stomach in the am and bam! for what its worth I took a work piss test last week on the same day I took 2 alpha moods, passed no problem.
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    GYMnTONIC adderal/noopept

    wow 200mg of mod keeps me wired all day.
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    New HPLC report on Proviron 25mg

    yup, positive mine are labeled differently. SB straightened it out..
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    New HPLC report on Proviron 25mg

    my proviron says 50mg on the label?
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    Hunger while trying to eat maintenance

    thanks for the hyper link, never knew of that one. good stuff
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    Wtf are all the reviews?

    Has anyone ever sent in samples to Jano? I'm very curious about King but like the other poster indicated there's not alot of reviews. I'm not dissing King tho I just wanna make that clear.
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    Dull Insulin Pens off Amazon..

    Same exact thing happened to me. I stick to gpz now.
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    Need to drop pounds gain endurance and boost RESTING METABOLIC RATE

    what are your dosages for each?