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    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    List please
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    Over stimulation? TRT

    I didn't see anyone answering. First I am new to the board and I am definitely no expert but I have been on TRT for about 6 years and have tried to educate myself along the way. My first question is why did you stop your TRT in the first place? I will say is that testosterone cause adverse...
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    Lurking no longer

    Welcome aboard!
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    Bible Thread

    Loved reading this. A shame that most Christian's I have met are the antithesis of this and live their life in hypocrisy.
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    Who hasn’t tried FLASH LABS yet?

    I am new to the board do I count? :)
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    Awesome definitely appreciate the offer!
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    Cool that you don't use HCG or an AI. For me HCG made me feel so much better and the AI took away the my sensitive nipples. I do bloodwork every 4 months. Thanks for the info you mat be right regarding the Deca
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    Welcome aboard. New as well!
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    Overall I am pretty happy with it. Thanks for the advice I will have to check that out the sponsors for HCG. I have lower SHBG so free test definitely isn't an issue :) and I wasn't aware of the bone density issue that Arimidex causes so thanks for the information. My intro thread is already...
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    Thanks sure definitely will share. So started TRT about 6 years ago I went to Urologist and he prescribed me 100mgs/wk to start no HCG or Anti E. Eventually increased dosage to about 150mgs/wk. Still no HCG or Anti E. I started to get sore/itchy nipples around month 6 so I decided to change...
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    Jay Cutler Claims You Should CYCLE OFF TRT

    I am definitely no Jay Cutler but I remember taking a 2 months break from my entire TRT protocol and became a cranky irritable bastard.
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    Thank you!
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    Most appreciate the great welcome from everyone! Thank you Sir!
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    Thank you!
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    Sub q question ?

    I remember seeing them and wanting no part of it but I had a very big needle phobia back then.
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    Much appreciate the welcome!
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    Thank you!
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    So far so good. I was looking at the TRT forum and it was some good stuff. I am going to start looking at the other sections soon enough :)