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    Bodypharm products

    Got an offer from a bodypharm rep (not from here). I've never used bodypharm products and funny enough :hmm: the search engine provided NO posts about them at all. Uh, scam or just new on the block?
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    Gear church indeed

    I don't often comment on gear arival but this one gets my best reccomendation on DISCREET packaging. I emailed ONCE and they responded to ME when pay arrived AND when they expected it to ship. Order was for tri-blend and we all know why. :winkfinger: For the record it just happened to arrive on...
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    Do any of our sponsors carry dnp; yes, I've searched for it. I don't say that I couldn't have blow right by it though:thinking:
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    quick question

    I think I know the answer to this but thought I'd kick it to you guys. (long time no see; yes, not dead yet) I'm using t-enanthate at 500 mg a week and got 4 vials of t-cypionate from a friend and wanted to use it. The difference in half-life is only 2 days so: No inject time and amount change...
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    Peptide frequency of pinning

    I'm following Basskillers suggestion using CJC-1295 and GHRP-2. Dosing is 100mcg of each 3 times a day. Just an opinion wanted. Bass suggests not preloading a syringe if it will be more than 8 hours and I'm kinda cheap so didn't want to load 3 pins. What if I preload just one pin with 3 injects...
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    U damned junkies

    DON'T LIE!! I went to my fave site for syringes today and their OUT OF STOCK. So, went to a back up, OUT OF STOCK. You damn junkies get off my suppliers dammit. Go do your trade in at the clinic or something.
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    I want to look like that guy documentary

    Yes, yes, I'm on a documentary kick; sue me. Anyone watched this? I found a copy online and it was a total eyeopener. I've NEVER tried to get in "on stage" shape as I just like powerlifting and staying below 18% bf isn't hard work. This is just a regular shmo that wanted to "look like that guy"...
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    I decided to up the calories a bit this go round on keto: :winkfinger:
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    Any one watch Generation Iron

    I thought it was well done although a bit edited.
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    Problem with EPO study

    First, this is a dated study. I found it incredibly eye opening with regards to researcher's HUGE level of stupidity. Yes, I mean stupid: "regarded as unintelligent: regarded as showing a lack of intelligence, perception, or common sense" Let's feed EPO to diabetics, people with kidney disease...
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    Starving on EQ

    I'm dieting, not like for the stage but I need to get into single digits for the damn health care program. Eq, test combo, t3, and radically reduced carbs. Thing is, after the first week, I am STARVING. Calories seem to be fine, strength fine, but the damn EQ is making me crazy and otc appetite...
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    oral safety

    Short question for a friend in the gym. I was asked would I take two orals at the same time and I foolishly answered yes; this was a month ago. I remember I was doing legs so all the blood wasn't in my brain and I didn't give any details to WHICH one's I'd do together; totaly my fault and I need...
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    No mistake just bonus

    Talk about surprise; got my aromasin with a side order of cialis?:jerkit: Also doubled my hcg order; yeah I asked aboutit. Seems EVERYONE orderd hMg and none left for me. Is ok, quick delivery, always answered email but I use melanotan II and if I pop some cialis my gf is gonna leave my ass...
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    Trying it out

    After a nasty loss from scammers I decided to try PSL because of all the positive responses. I was just going to get a small order but the prices are so good I just jumped in and double ordered. I won't do blood work as I'm intimately familiar with how my body responds to "stuff" I ordered. I'll...
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    just stopping by from another site ;)