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    Tax question, now asking about crypto currency

    Really shocked me big.. doing my taxes in US and its asking did I purchase crypto> first thought, what can they find out now? If anything scares me its IRS shit. they seem to be able to find too much. Any thoughts on this? we will have to adapt again...NOt sure how to answer, first thought...
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    OK..got a package today from overseas. FDA was written on it..and u can see it was opened then taped shit ..it was signed for by the office of complex I live in..I picked it up from them...did not open it or bring my house yet...Any advice? cause once I open it, it might be trouble?
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    Thank you ACE!

    SUPER happy with 2 orders..100% stress free..awesome communication, everything! And the smooth Sesame !! Much Respect and appreciation..
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    Thank you Ace!!

    Super happy with 2 quick orders...total stress free, awesome communication, and best of all the smooth sesame oil.. Nice work AceLabs!! Appreciate it, much respect. and much respect to all the fine sources we have !!
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    test susp. swelling

    did my first 100 mg test susp. right delt, had awesome chest workout. Swelling after seemed minimal with some pain. 2 days later, had delt workout( no shot prior) all seemed ok. and next day, delt swelled to size never seen before. small grapefruit, crazy pain. That was day 3, now day 5, advil...
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    Awesome service

    Monster ... cannot beat that..Than you ML
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    GLAD to be here!

    Shout out to everyone.. SO glad to be back on the boards again.. been 5 YEARS!!Stayed in the game, just too busy and not enough privacy.. I go back to A.com days so could be considered an old timer,but so looking FWD to learning and catching up...Maybe even help out anyway I can.. Wish everyone...