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    How Long Are You In The Gym

    About an hour, to the guys that are there around the same amount of time how long do you take between sets? I’ve always done 45 secs, but I’ve been hearing and reading so much lately that you should take at least 2-3 minutes?
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    Shoulder friendly routine

    I’m going through the same thing now, I’m just wondering if I would lose function of my shoulder eventually if I keep training through the pain. Shoulder feels a little painful when doing bench and flies nothing too bad it’s when I’m sleeping I’ll wake up with shoulder throbbing, have a hard...
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    New to ASF

    Good morning gents, been lurking on here for about a month now just figured it was time to say hello. I’ve learned more in the month reading threads here than I have in a couple years from the guys at the gym. Little about myself, 42 years old, 6 foot, 235 lbs, been working out for over 20...