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    Waiting for the tren e

    Been MIA for a few months. CA is the greatest. Mostly only finding Test in most CA mkts. Nica it is $11-$15 USD for 10's. Warm weather, warm people, HOT women. But only if you like caramel, cafe aulait or chocalata. I shun the merican tourists. But now I'm back and would like to know who has...
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    Rarpe labs Lento Martone, a testosterone enanthate

    Hello again, I'll be moving on down to Nicaragua at this yrs. end. Been on TRT almost 2 yrs. The above is whats found in the farmacia. Step right up with your $. About $3.00 per ml. I have read. Any readers in Nicaragua? Guatemala? Honduras? El Salvador? There is a pact between those four...
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    TEST/E2 Ratio

    Anyone here compute this? What do you do apply it to when you have this info?
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    Toremifene & Aromasin

    Anyone using the Tore for prolactin issues & the Aro for E2 while ON cycle?
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    Lateral collateral ligament----torn

    Anyone here experienced this? What was the outcome as far as continuing training?
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    Maximum im injection volume

    What is the general consensus on above? Speaking of glutes, larger thigh muscles etc.
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    New Cycle Ancillary Advice Needed

    12 wk. cycle of following 500mg Test Cyp per wk. 250mg Deca per wk. 600mg Eq per Split between 2 pins Sun. AM & Wed. PM Wks 1-4 50mg Methandrostenolone qd Wks 4-12 50mg Oxandrolone qd wks 8-12 50mg Stanozolol qd Ancillaries in inventory: 170mg Anastrozole (pharma) 240mg...
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    TOTAL TEST 1408 on MLG Test cyp.

    Free test of 346.4 My Dr. says there is no upper limit to free test. Anyone else heard that? Usually pin on Sun. morn 200mg MLG Test Cyp + 100mg MLG Deca for 4 wks.:D Interruption had me pin Sun.evening. Labs on following Wed. morn. So values are skewed slightly. MLG Test Cyp. does the trick...
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    http://thinksteroids.com/news/dea-identifies-dietary-supplements-containing-anabolic-steroids/ Who knew?:hmm:
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    Lower dosage orals

    Say I want to use some orals pkgd. as capsules at a lower dose than pkgd. Example. Say I want to use 50mg XXX total but in two doses thru the day@25mg ea. If I empty 25 50mg. caps, blend well & razor cut like coke then fill 50 caps I should have 50 25mg. caps. It's not the math but the...
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    50ml jug opened shelf life

    By opened I mean drawn from. Using a 23 or 25 what might be the shelf life. i.e. If I use 25ml tren @ 75mg daily then want to wait 8 weeks to run same again. Anyone see any issues? Assuming of course using proper drawing protocol, storage, etc.
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    http://testosteronewisdom.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-recently-published-study-showed-that.html If your PSA is higher than normal. Read this study. :winkfinger:
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    Tax Refund

    Refund coming. What sponsor wants to start a tax refund sale. Already burning a hole in my pocket. Thought I would have to pay the Fuk wads @ IRS. Nope. Like free money to me.:clapping:
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    Cloudy Deca: Use or lose it?

    Got some Deca 250 in a 10ml. Very cloudy, can't see through it at all. Warmed it. Cloudiness was gone but moisture droplets formed inside vial then went cloudy again in 5 min. Is this just a cosmetic issue or poor brewing technique? Trash it I suppose?
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    MLG winny

    Can anyone give me an AMEN on the above.:confused: Search returned nada. Thank you, thank you very much.
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    Testosterone Cypionate 1250

    How is it possible to keep this much concentration in solution? Or is it suspension? I never can remember that detail. :hmm:
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    Aromasin Tabs

    Who has tabs? Not liquid or caps.
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    Need another duck for front row.

    Are MP aromasin tabs legit? Or a suggested legit source. Don't want liquid chems.
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    Anyone here use these? Opinions? Brands?
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    Birthday cycle

    Stats; 65 yrs. young. 5'9'' 183lbs. 14% BF. Cycle history; On standard TRT @200mg Test C per wk. Was with 100mg deca + 25mg pharma var. till 6 mos ago. Some Finaject back in the mid 80's: Just finished Test c @ 350mg wk. + 350 Tren A wk + 100mg deca for lube & 50mg var ed. (any more var than...