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  1. Tmart

    It’s been awhile!!!

    How’s all the usual characters doing??? It’s been a while, oil is doing great and I’ve been busy. Trying to get a gym workout in when I can but I have been slacking lately lol. Just missed all the guys, can we get some more trannies and other discussion here in the pit?!? Seems like it’s all...
  2. Tmart

    What’s up Custom, you alright brotha??

    You still lurk around here or what bro?? My fantasy leagues firing up has me thinking about you, I hope life is going better for you lately and that we can get our own started again!!
  3. Tmart

    Yet another successful TD

    I’ve been with strictly GC for a while now and I just received my pack in record time and it looks great, as it always does. Don’t hesitate to jump on it, thanks GC!
  4. Tmart

    NAC ban?

    I heard the FDA is going after NAC and it’s being banned? Any truth to this, anyone know anything?
  5. Tmart

    What work boots do you guys use?

    I think there’s a good amount of blue collar dudes here, who’s your favorite brands for work boots? I’ve tried a lot of different ones, a pair of red wings might have been my favorites of all time. I’ve been wearing Ariats recently and I like them, lots of dudes swear by wolverines here though...
  6. Tmart

    ASF Fantasy Football Prize pics

    So our fantasy league is done for the year, it was an awesome time once again. I’d like to thank custom first for all his hard work in setting it up, all the sponsors who contributed to make it happen, and all the members who participated. I’m going to post the pics of the winnings I’ve received...
  7. Tmart

    Where do you guys get your aromasin??

    So I used the same lab for three years and after some fuckery I believe I’m switching everything up lol so I need to know where you guys get aromasin from?? I don’t mind research as long as it’s confirmed solid with bloodwork, I got some from AIPCTshop that I’m going to run next but the distance...
  8. Tmart

    ASF fantasy football TD!!!

    So I apologize, I was out of town for work and this arrived around a week ago or so while I was gone. Psl was off for the holidays so the ta time wasn’t too bad for international but it is here!! Everything looks great, I really like the boxes that you can put it in to make it look super...
  9. Tmart

    High RBC/hemoglobin etc equals red skin??

    I work outside 12 hours a day in the sun but even on night shift my face and neck are always red lol. It’s been a long time since I donated so I know I’m long overdue but does high hemocrit and hemoglobin sound like the cause?? I want to donate before I do bloods very soon and I guess I’m just...
  10. Tmart

    RIP Kobe Bryant...??

    https://apple.news/AhztuYmh4RISJAtWTRnwglA I still don’t want to believe, after LeBron just passed him last night. This is horrible
  11. Tmart

    2 pins in on Gear Church!!

    So I won some stuff from GC from our fantasy league here. Was super stoked to try them out because I have heard nothing but good things. I recently had an issue with my usual go to lab and will be switching to someone else for all future orders and GC has been great so far. Stuff came super...
  12. Tmart

    Raiders baby!!!

    Where’s all the fuckin haters, where you at MM?!? We’re making the playoffs again and I’ll be accepting all free tren when that happens just like 2016. Strongest rookie class in a long time and playing pretty decent football, fuck the cowboys, 9ers, Patriots and chiefs. And I’m going to win the...
  13. Tmart

    Cyst in my armpit

    So it started as what I thought was a pimple, I noticed it because it started hurting a bit and seemed like one of those deep zits that eventually come up and can be popped. I left it alone and in the past like 5 days this fucker has gotten big and is more painful. I can grab it and it’s like...
  14. Tmart

    Happy Memorial Day and thank you

    Thank you to all of you military vets here on the board, those not on here and especially those who have given their lives, I’m extremely grateful and love this country!!!
  15. Tmart

    Help my bitch ass calves

    So they’re definitely lacking a bit compared to the rest of my body. I do legs about every 5-6 days and on leg day I do 5 sets of seated raises and 5 sets of the calf presses. Those are the only machines they have for calves at my gym. I’ve switched the order of them, done lighter weight...
  16. Tmart

    lolllll Otto brown is Charley’s gimmick

    The names match up and go look at “ottos” reputation points....charley really is so insecure he’s gotta act like there’s someone out there agreeing with him. How funny
  17. Tmart

    Some advice on tren e and libido

    So I’ve ran tren 3 or 4 times before and it’s always been ace. I was a horny animal, I was hard all the time. I decided to run tren e for the first time to cut down on pinning and it has been the opposite. I don’t want to have sex, erections are weak and don’t even get morning wood sometimes. I...
  18. Tmart

    ALT very high, how concerned should I be

    Just got my most recent bloods back and my ALT was 141. Pretty dang high but I was only 2 weeks after a 4 week run of anadrol at the time of blood draw. Was also consistently hitting intense workouts the few days before the blood draw without a rest day which I know can elevate it. How concerned...
  19. Tmart

    Vets give me a little advice on my low e2

    So I’ve been pinning 250mg test e e4d, 300mg tren e e4d and then I’ve been taking 25mg dbol and 50mg adrol on workout days. Also hcg at 250ius e4d same as my oils. I started with aromasin 12.5 eod and then I bumped it to every day because I’m just guessing my e2 level til I get bloods. I’m about...
  20. Tmart

    I need a hug, where’s my vet homies at

    I’m passed the point of being able to talk shit and defend myself and my team, it’s just sad as fuck at this point. It’s been a rough 16 years up in oakland and it’s never going to end it feels like sometimes hahahah give me some love frank, cheap, movingsteel, someone hahahaha BUT its still...