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  1. Progress


    Thanks guys, will get some numbers for you in 6 weeks.
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    Bac water from 2017

    Used a few times and left in safe. Think I can use it now or will die?
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    This shit is Fire!!

    AAP Sdrol!!! I have had this stuff a long time and finally gave it a go. 10mg/day 8 days in and have been off gear for about a year. Running that along with 500mg/wk Test C. So far no sides, no booze, and drinking a shit load of water. Feel a little tired sometimes but once in the gym feel...
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    Group hug thread

    Took some time off but I am back! :winkfinger: Where the hoe's at????
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    Best piece of ass ever....

    You ever sit back and think about that? :thinking: Hmmmm..... :hmm:
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    Need some hammer....

    In a bind and need some quick. Where can I get this magical boner cocktail at? Have some stuff going down with a couple girls tomorrow night. :winkfinger:
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    Need free Tren

    Fuck all other gear.... need tren. Who is sponsoring me :coffee:
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    What have I missed?

    Have not been around, fill me in. I have been cruising for 2 months, sucks.
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    Hgh td

    Pics up later :coffee: Who needs Amazon Prime when you have DG.
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    Alpha Pharma Var

    Will need to pick some more Var up for my chick soon. I need to order HGH from DG so was looking at the Alpha Pharma var. Any good? Currently she is taking Pharmacomm Var and last time on it she said she didnt really feel anything.
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    Time to cruise...

    Sucks already.... :coffee: Hopefully I can still be an Alpha :/
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    Fuck it, I will say it.....

    I know people will think I am a dick but I have to say it. Why do so many people jump on gear when they are not ready for it. This is a lifestyle choice that requires dedication. Its great that someone wants to improve themselves physically but damn..... I see a ton of people that have no...
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    Testviron is some thick shit...

    Have not pinned it yet, going to warm it up some. Next time will warm the amp up first.
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    Need free gearz....

    What you got?
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    Dont know how I did it..... but I did!

    Next level shit going on tonight. Will try and get a pic up in about 4 hrs starting the night off. FUCKING AMAZED myself. :winkfinger: Seriously......
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    Waaaaaa boo hooo wahhhhhhh cry cry

    I got this gear and I am leaving now beacuse it blah blah blah. I am not saying who its from but I am leaving now BRO's. Wahhhhhh cr cry puss puss... I need more AI Bunch of cunts here lately. Grow the fuck up!
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  18. Progress

    My Gorilla PHARM mod pack came in....

    Pics to follow, carry on. :coffee:
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    The struggle is real....

    Man.... wasnt suppose to happen. My girls gf came to my house. We were all hanging out having a couple drinks and next thing I know her gf attacks her! Then reaches over and pulls my cock out.... turned into a complete fuck fest. Her GF has never done anything like that before and I have taken...
  20. Progress

    And another one....

    Thanks DG! :winkfinger: