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  1. Seattlesbest

    How to know when you're eating too much?

    Yo what up bro's, so got a quick question. I keep hearing guys say "if you can't see your abs, you're eating too much". So my question is, is this relaxed or flexed?
  2. Seattlesbest

    Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!

    Here we are again... Time to blast to the moon! Pack came in yesterday with flying colors. Crazy how fast shipping is half way across the world now days. Everything looks fuckin great. Guys Over at UZ know what they're doin.. Received 5 Tren E, a pack of Anadrol-50 and Cialis. Everything...
  3. Seattlesbest

    What did you inject today? 💉

    Hit 125mg Tect C!
  4. Seattlesbest

    Athlete's foot products, whats the best?

    At the title says, what's out there? What's the best? I got a little redness and cracking. Got to be athletes foot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Used the old Google but can't trust anything on there anymore. So I come to the bros for what really works. About to head my old local...
  5. Seattlesbest

    Time to put on some Size, UncleZ Sponsored Log

    Here we go again! So damm excited! Was going to start Monday but couldn't wait and pend my first shot on Friday. Going to pen Ed. First shot was left ass cheek. 2nd was left shoulder, 3rd one was right ass cheek. No pip no lumps no nothing. Winstrol and Anavar is from there Summer Cutting...
  6. Seattlesbest

    TD with the nectar of the Gods

    Alright, alright. Everything went smooth, discreet package. Everything great no problems whatsoever. Fast tune around. Picked up some Test Prop, NPP and Winstrol/ Anavar blend. All Euro-Pharmaceuticals. Pill's super well pressed. Bottles clear and clean. Labels are very professional. Going...
  7. Seattlesbest

    Dislocated Rib

    Hey bro's. Fucked my self up on Saturday. Was squatting 495 and I went down to far and felt my rib pop when I was at the bottom of the rep. Wasn't to bad, finished out my workout np. But man... 2 days later and my shit is fucked up. I'm moving like an old man. Could only do arms today. Anyone...
  8. Seattlesbest

    When can you call your self a bodybuilder?

    I workout hard. Meal plan, weigh all my food, do it all. I still don't feel like a bodybuilder. When did you feel like you made it? When can you call your self a bodybuilder and don't feel stupid saying it. Did you reach a certain size? Complete? I suffer from imposter syndrome, never feel...
  9. Seattlesbest

    Need help

    All right, this is the first time I've really tried to get super super lean not sure what the hell I'm doing any tips would be greatly appreciated from someone who got around 5%. I've only bulked up. I stay pretty lean year round. I'm two and a half weeks out from my vacation. I'm probably...
  10. Seattlesbest

    What's the going rate for a coach?

    So my buddy found a guy. He got his procard last year. My buddy is getting ready to complete. This guys price is $900 for 10 sessions. Training/posing. Is that a normal price? He asked me and I don't know shit. I told him I'd ask the bros and get back to him. What do you guys think? Is that...
  11. Seattlesbest

    What did ya get for Christmas?

    You guys get anything cool for Christmas? Let's hear it. 👂 I got some workout gear like I always ask for. Some cash from the in-laws. Over all had a pretty good time. I don't ask for much. Im pretty set. No one knows what to get me haha. Happy holidays guys!! Its snowin like a mother fucker...
  12. Seattlesbest


    Been reading a lot lately about this compound. How do you guys like it? What dose do you run it at? I used the sticky to search but really couldn't find shit. Thinking 25mg a day split in two doses? What do you guys think? Trying to use it for freeing up some testosterone. What are your...
  13. Seattlesbest

    Confession time...

    Here it is bros... Let's hear it.... What did you do? What's been eatin at you lately? I'll go first, I had covid about 2 months ago. Still Went to the gym everyday. Didn't wear a mask ether. I probably killed several people according to CNN. So.. what did you do?
  14. Seattlesbest

    Vaccinated while being pregnant..

    All right, kind of a weird question. I got a kid on the way my wife got vaccinated before she knew she was pregnant. I told her not to get it but she didn't give a fuck what I think. I told her I'd rather die than get it. Anyway I keep reading crazy shit about babies being deformed, odd colors...
  15. Seattlesbest

    My buddy's got a big problem...

    All right, I know there is some very knowledgeable people on here much smarter than I. I have a buddy who's been blasting and cruising for about five years now. He takes 20mg Cialis every day. Just got off a blast about 2 weeks ago. His dick has literally stopped working. The only thing that...
  16. Seattlesbest

    Mr. Olympia Pro bodybuilder cycle

    What do you guys think? Supposedly this cycle belongs to a top contender preparing for Mr. Olympia. https://youtu.be/V3nhgo3RE6o
  17. Seattlesbest

    Road to 10 Pounds in 5 week Dbol/Drol combo log UncleZ!!

    Here we go guys. Vacations comin soon. I want to be the best looking guy on the beach. I'm at 205 right now. Goal is 215 lean as fuck!! I'm so fucking pumped and motivated to kick hardcore fucking ass. Shit I might even get over 10 lb if everything goes right!! UncleZ was kind enough to let me...
  18. Seattlesbest

    Finasteride Question..

    So... Been doing a little research. The hair is starting to go, and I can't have that. My hair is all I got. I'll look like a Bridge Troll if I lose my luscious lion's mane. Did my last shot of Deca last Friday. Going to start running Test only. I did some research and I read I'll have a...
  19. Seattlesbest

    I got the dreaded virus

    Somehow caught covid last Friday. Had a minor cough and night sweats. That's literally it. I took some new pre-workout and that shit fuck my ass up and I thought it was that but turned out to be covid. Now my seventy-year-old mother-in-law has it and has beat it like it was nothing. My five...
  20. Seattlesbest

    Heartburn God Damn It🤮

    What are you guys taking? Any Herbal Remedies you guys use and it actually works? I'm sick of taking H2 blockers, I eat tums like candy. I've tried to modify my diet but everything gives me heartburn. There's nothing I can do about it diet wise. Just curious if there's anything I can do to...